LC Adult Graduation is next week

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By Ron Benningfield

LaRue County’s adult education program, which will have its commencement in LaRue County High School’s auditorium June 18 at 6 p.m., continues its top-notch tradition.

“This is the largest number of GED’s (General Education Development certificates) we have had in the past four years during my tenure,” said Connie Goff, LaRue County Schools director of adult and community education.  “We currently place number three for GED attainment and stand at number one in the overall top 25 in the state.”

As of June 5, 26 students ranging in age from 19 to 50 have received their GED’s in the LaRue County program. Goff said there could be more as the cutoff for attaining a GED for this school year is June 30. 

Seventeen students completed their GED’s in corrections classes at the LaRue County Jail as of June 6 and Goff said possibly three more students will finish all requirements by June 30.

“Most of my students want to get their GED because they feel it will give them a better chance to have a good life,” Goff said. “One of my students at corrections told me that she wanted to make her children proud.  Another young man said he just wanted to do something for his mama.” 

Fifty students have earned National Career Readiness certification through adult ed. 

“This certification is recognized by many businesses to identify students who not only have an excellent grasp of basic academic skills but they also know how to use those skills to complete assigned tasks on the job,” Goff explained.

In addition to her duties as program director, Goff also teaches. Sarah Hornback is a part-time teacher. Rachelle Walsh is the administrative and academic assistant.

Students receiving their GED’s this year include Chamberlyn Benningfield, Katrina London, William Miller, Zachary Bowen, Matthew Tacker, Thomas Spalding, Brooke Salazar, Justin McDonald, Tyler Terrill, Deshawn Ramsey, Angelique Kinnett, Benny Moore; William Taylor, Colton Devers, Bryant Milby, Michael Cook, Dennis Thompson, Floyd Rose, James Walker, Kimberly Hall, Devin Muller, Christian D’Amore, Todd Howson, Jr., Samuel Geames, Joshua Partin, and Dennis Terry.