LaRue County Wet Dry Petition Filed

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By Allison Shepherd

A Wet/Dry Petition has been filed for LaRue County

A local businessman has filed a petition with the LaRue County Clerk for a Wet/Dry Petition for the county of LaRue.

Cody McDowell, owner/operator of Lincoln Lodge tells the LaRue County Herald News, that he filed the petition this morning, Friday, June 14 to ‘let the voters of the county decide’.

McDowell, has begun placing petitions in businesses this morning, and will continue to do so over the weekend. Currently registered voters of LaRue County can find these petitions at Lincoln General Store in Hodgenville, The LaRue County Golf Course, and the Y Not Stop in Buffalo.

“After the City of Hodgenville went wet last year, and it was told to me and several others that there would be a county election in the fall that way both the city and county would be on equal footing. That didn’t happen,  so what we are seeing is that businesses in the county are going to the city trying to be annexed in, which could possibly mean the city would extend down to the golf course and possibly to Buffalo. This way the county and city would be on equal footing.

McDowell added, “I don’t drink myself, I don’t drink or smoke, so I won’t be partaking, but I believe it would be better than instead of businesses just being annexed into the City of Hodgenville  without a vote, that the people of LaRue County decide whether alcohol is sold in the county or not, because their opinion matters. I want people of LaRue County to decide instead of the City of Hodgenville to do it themselves.”