KY starts rollout of new driver’s licenses on June 28

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by Staff

Kentucky’s new, more secure driver’s licenses that will be Real ID compliant will begin on June 28, but not in LaRue County at this time.


Franklin County will be the first Kentucky County to issue the new IDs starting June 28, and Woodford and Hart counties will follow.

Dates for the remaining Kentucky counties have not been announced, but the state’s Transportation Cabinet said a phased rollout will also begin this summer after Franklin, Woodford and Hart.

Kentucky was one of the last states to comply with federal Real ID standards that require states to obtain more paperwork to prove residency or Social Security numbers and keep it on file. In addition, the licenses are supposed to be more difficult to forge.

Residents will choose between standard and travel licenses. The travel license offers all of the benefits of a standard driver’s credential, and it will be accepted at airport security checkpoints and military bases. Air travelers under the age of 18 do not need a travel ID if they are accompanied by an adult with acceptable documentation. Starting in October 2020, Kentucky residents will no longer be able to get on domestic flights with their standard driver’s licenses.

The state targeted April to begin its rollout but the Department of Vehicle Regulation needed additional time to begin.

Matt Henderson, commissioner of the Department of Vehicle Regulation, said starting in Franklin, Woodford and Hart allows the department to “closely monitor the entire process and make any needed changes before cards roll out statewide.”

Applicants will be able to utilize touchpads at their local circuit court clerk’s offices to enter and verify personal information for new identification. All applicants will get a temporary document until their permanent cards arrive in the mail within 10 business days.

The licenses have nearly twice as many security features and Kentucky symbols, such as the state seal, state flower and the Capitol building, according to the state as seen in the sample driver’s license above. The credentials will also shift from color photos to black and white portraits. All Kentucky credentials will include a mark to indicate they are federally compliant, according to the Transportation Cabinet.

The standard driver’s license and the voluntary travel ID will be available initially in four- or eight-year intervals with the prices ranging from $21.50 to $48. More price information is available at https://drive.ky.gov/confidentKY/Pages/Cost-information.aspx.

Current Kentucky licenses, permits and IDs will remain valid until their expiration date. The date for LaRue County has not been released according to Circuit Clerk Emily Ernst.