Keeping the lights on

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By Doug Ponder

A local electric installation company keeps the lights on for hundreds of their clients across the state and country.

David Whelan Electrical is located on 1250 Old Elizabethtown Road in Hodgenville. The business performs a wide variety of electrical services for their clients including designing, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical wiring systems.

Founding owner David Whelan said he worked as a part-time electrician from his home for several years before becoming a full-time electrician in 2006 and opening DWE at its current location.

“I was a teacher in Marion County for several years and worked part-time as an electrician,” Whelan said. “When I decided to quit teaching and be a full-time electrician in 2006, we moved to LaRue County and opened up at our current location. The rest is history.”

Whelan said about 75 percent of DWE’s business is within a 50 mile radius of LaRue County. He said DWE also has clients throughout the state and in southern Indiana.

“We do mostly industrial and commercial electrical work. We still do a little bit of residential electrical work, but not as much,” Whelan said. “It’s challenging to be in this area because the stuff we need to do is outside of LaRue County. The stuff we need to do is not concentrated here. If we were based in Louisville, there would be a lot bigger pie, but we would probably only be working out of there. This is home and everyone that works here considers LaRue County home. In the end, it’s a good location and puts us in the middle of everything we need.”

Former DWE employee Brandon Gay also became a part owner with Whelan in 2010.

“I’m originally from Douglas, Georgia and became a part owner after working here since 2007,” Gay said. “I was originally interested in being an electrical engineer, but I got a job as an apprentice electrician in Georgia and eventually moved up here. I love what I do and love doing service work for our clients.”

Whelan went on to say that they operate exclusively on referrals instead of advertising.

“There is a misconception about what it means to be an electrician. We know how to conduct ourselves around people and all our business is through word of mouth,” Whelan said. “We are constantly trying to build relationships with entrepreneurs, plant managers and other people. That is how we do business.”

For more information about DWE Electric call 270-358-2200.