JUST ASK: Siren and Red Hill questions

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 Why doesn’t the siren sound at noon like it used to?




E-911 Coordinator Chris Jackson said the Hodgenville weather siren stopped working a couple of weeks ago. 

“We have contacted the repair service to have it repaired,” he said.




I saw in the newspaper where others have had flowers stolen from graves. I, too, have had them stolen at Red Hill.

When do the officers and directors meet concerning Red Hill Cemetery? Can I attend? Also, can I speak of my concerns and ask questions? Is it open to the public at large?




The Red Hill Cemetery Commission, made up of members of Hodgenville City Council, meets twice annually at 6:30 p.m. in January and July before the regular city council meeting. The next meeting is Jan. 14. The meeting is held in City Hall.

It is open to the public. Contact City Hall at 358-3832 at least a week before the meeting and ask to be put on the agenda. If you have questions or concerns between meetings, call City Hall or speak to one of the City Council members.




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