From industrial machining to small repairs

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By Vanessa Hurst

One LaRue County business has been machining parts and making repairs for local factories, individuals and farmers for over 15 years.

Randall Crewz began working in machining at a young age, “I worked at Jeff Boat when I was 18 years old,” said Crewz, “I also worked for Clinton Industries for 18 years.”

He decided to branch out and open his own machine and tool shop, “I decided to go out on my own in October of 1999. There were three of us when we started this business; two others decided to go with me when I left Clinton Industries to branch out. We now I have 15 guys machining.”

Since they opened in 1999, Hodgenville Machine and Tool has expanded and added on three times.

Machining is a specialized labor which uses a machine for shaping or machining metal or other rigid materials, usually by cutting, boring, grinding, shearing, or other forms of deformation. Machine tools employ some sort of tool that does the cutting or shaping to replicate a part to certain specifications. Machining can also be used to repair existing parts. While modern machining is guided by computer, often manual machining is necessary for repairing parts, many of which are obsolete.

“One of the biggest challenges is that skilled labor is hard to find.” Crewz said, “trade schools teach the CNC Machining, but most of your repair work requires manual machining and that is a skill that is acquired with time. But it is a good field to get into because there is always a need for parts to be made and repaired.”

“We make and repair parts for local factories in Elizabethtown and LaRue County. Nationwide is one of our clients we’ve made parts for Dart and even shipped them to other Dart factories in different states,” Crewz said.

Hodgenville Machine and Tool specializes in industrial machining, custom parts and repair work. But they don’t just offer machining for factory parts, “We try to help out local farmers. We don’t have as many individuals with small repair jobs, but when they come to us needing something, we do what we can to help them out.” Crewz added, “We try to keep everything as local as possible.”

Crewz has lived in LaRue County with his wife Vivian for over 30 years and has been a member of LaRue County Chamber of Commerce since they opened their business.

Their phone number is 270-358-0206. They are located at 142 Global Drive, Hodgenville.