High performance at hidden location

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By Doug Ponder

For anyone driving on Greensburg Road in Buffalo, it’s almost impossible to notice the high performance racing engines that are being serviced inside the hidden location of Dale Meers Racing Engines.

Owner Dale Meers has been drag racing since 1976 and he opened his business at its current location in 2002.

“My family has always been involved in racing and I have always raced. The thing is, I always had to build my own stuff because I didn’t have the money to get anyone else to do it,” Meers said. “I have installed engines for people for the last 30 years and built up my clientele through racing myself.”

Dale Meers Racing Engines is a complete machine shop that works exclusively on performance and racing engines only.

“We dyno test and tune the engines. Dyno test stands for a dynamometer test where we receive 30 channels of information about the engine as it measures the torque or performance of an engine,” Meers said. “We also have our own carburetor shop here too.”

Meers said his business services around 80 engines a year with customers throughout the United States.

“I work 11 hours a day, with the exception of the summer when we race, but we are pretty much here when the customer needs us. The engines we work on are for drag racing, dirt track racing and pull truck racing. There has been a lot of engines that have came out of this shop have won national awards and we are proud of that,” Meers said. “I love it and I have always been an engine builder. I got some good employees helping me here too.”

Meers went on to say that Dale Meers Racing Engines operates with no contact information.

“I do everything 20-1. If I do a good job, then you will tell someone. If I do a bad job, you will tell 20 people about it,” Meers said. “We are referral only and that is how we operate. No phone number, website, or social media accounts.”