Hardin Fiscal Court raises animal adoption fees

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Landmark News Service

Hardin Fiscal Court created a change fund for Animal Control, raised adoption fees Tuesday and set new fees for the animal shelter on Peterson Drive in Elizabethtown.

The fund would be used to provide change for customers who adopt animals, said Magistrate Garry King. King said the department never had the fund before, but the new facility has seen a rise in adoptions and less need for euthanizations.

According to the resolution, the county treasurer will withhold $100 out of a daily deposit from the department to start the fund.

“The funds withheld must be returned to the Hardin County Treasurer at the end of the fiscal year in the same amount as was originally withheld,” according to resolution.

The court also voted to raise adoption fees for dogs from $75 to $80 and cats from $60 to $75.

The fees include spay/neuter services and vaccinations. The dog adoption fee also includes licensing, according to the resolution.

Six new fees were established, including an adoption fee for barn cats at $35 and costs for animal testing. The fee for feline leukemia/aids testing was set at $25, heartworm testing at $10 and pain medication for spay/neuter surgery at $10.

A barn cat is often described as a feral cat or outdoor cat that cannot acclimate to indoor conditions and can be used to help control rodent populations.

An animal rescue pull fee was established at $25 and $50 if spay/neuter is necessary. Pull fees are administered to rescue groups that retrieve, or “pull,” animals from a shelter.