A hankerin’ to cut hair

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By Vanessa Hurst

“Lower yur ears and tan yur hide” has been the slogan of Country Cuttin’ Since 2001.

Kathy Stillwell has had an interest in styling and cutting hair since she was young. “I would cut and color my mom’s hair and I started doing hair for friends and family.” Stillwell said.

Stillwell’s interest in hair stems from the struggle she had with her own hair.

“When I was a kid I used to cry because I couldn’t do much with my curly hair. I’ve learned how to fix it and I would think to myself; ‘I have to help people that have problems with their hair, like me.’”

Even though Stillwell has always cut and styled hair she didn’t always work in the salon business.

“I went to school and got my license in cosmetology, but I went to work in fast food and then at the Nationwide Uniform sewing factory. I always kept up my license and did hair on the side.”

Stillwell opened her salon, Country Cuttin’, in the old Hodgenville Police Department building on 123 N. Lincoln Blvd in November 2001 with encouragement from her first husband, Gary Polley.

“When I first started my business I was just kind of piddling, but things have really picked up and I stay booked a week in advance.”

Stillwell settled in and has been right at home. “My mother owned the Duck Inn and my father owned Pullin Muffler both right down the street from my shop.”

Country Cuttin’ offers hair cuts, coloring, perms, facial wax and of course they’ll tan yur hide… with tanning beds.

Business hours are Monday through Friday, morning and evening, by appointment. Give ‘em a holler at 270-358-9000.