God first, business second

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By Doug Ponder

The owners of a LaRue County auto detailing shop said all of their success is a result of God’s blessings on their lives.

Long Lasting Auto Detail is located at 539 West Main Street in Hodgenville. Their hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

The business specializes in detailing, cleaning inside and outside, of auto vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, semi-trucks, tractors and other vehicles. The business is also looking to expand into detailing airplanes in the near future.

Owners Bill and Glenda Long moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Hodgenville in 2009. Glenda Long said they moved back to Hodgenville after the recession of 2008 and other life issues.

“I was originally from here and had moved to Charlotte after marrying Bill. We had lost everything during the recession and moved back up here with my parents, Everett and Pauline Taylor,” Glenda Long said. “Bill got saved and I rededicated my life. God brought us out of the dark places we had been. Bill had been in auto detailing for years and was experienced at it so we prayed about it and decided to go with the idea.”

The Longs’ opened their business at their current location in 2009. Glenda Long said they started with no customers at all and now they have a large customer base, keeping them booked several weeks in advance.

“We started with one bay; I did the calling and picking up of vehicles while Bill did the detailing,” Glenda Long said. “Now we have trucking companies, car dealerships and all kinds of customers. The Lord increased us tremendously and we are blessed.”

Bill Long said they constantly strive to provide a more thorough detailing of vehicles at his business.

“People are paying more for vehicles and they want to take care of them. People who love their vehicles see it as an investment. We do detailing from engine to trunk from top to bottom. We don’t perfume the pig,” Bill Long said. “Everything has been deodorized, sanitized, buffed, waxed, you name it. We shoot for quality. We inspect each other’s work and we are proud of what we do. If you name it, we can clean it.”

Glenda Long went on to say that the mission for Long Lasting Auto Detail is put God first, family second, treat people fair, give them a good product for a good price and always be honest.

“We have a sign that says all things are possible with God. Please bless our customers, please bless our employees and please bless our families. Put him first and everything else will line up. Do the best job you can and treat your customers like your family. That is our mission statement,” Glenda Long said. “We also give gift certificates to church groups, sports groups and school groups in the community. They use them at events and auctions and it’s a big hit. We want to support our community and it’s our way to give back to the community we love.”

For more information about Long Lasting Auto Detail visit their Facebook page or call 270-769-8382.