Getting Older

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By Doug Ponder

I went to my ten year high school class reunion on Friday, September 29.

We had almost 200 people in our graduating class and around 25 of us attended our ten year reunion. With our spouses included, we had almost 40 people there.

I found myself reminiscing before the reunion about all the memories of high school. We had a lot of fun and we talked about a lot of those memories while we were at the reunion.

To my surprise, everyone there still had their same personality. The only exception was we were much older now and not as free spirited as we once were over a decade ago.

The moment I walked into the reunion, I talked to everyone just like I would have back then. We didn’t miss a beat and I was relieved of that because I thought everyone would have changed, including their personalities. However, that wasn’t the case at all and we still interacted with each other the same as we did back then.

Although our personalities didn’t change, we had become more mature and grown up. A lot of us are married and some of my classmates even have children.

You know how small counties are, everybody knows everybody. One of the things that actually struck me as being neat was how a lot of the girls in my class had the same personality, but were more mature and acting like I remembered their mom acting a decade ago. On the flip side, it was the same thing with the guys acting more mature like I remembered their dad acting a decade ago.

Everyone there reminded me of their parents that I remembered over a decade ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks, we are all adults now and we all keep getting older.

Then I had a proud moment where I was proud of everyone in the room from our class who made the effort to come to the reunion. As I looked around the room I saw a lot of hardworking people that were also good husbands, wives, parents and productive members of society.

I know we’re grown up, but I hope we always keep our personalities and remain a kid at heart.