Like father, like son

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By Ron Benningfield

R & R Hardwood Flooring, Inc., located at 1805 Greensburg Road in Buffalo, is a family owned and operated business that offers installation, refinishing, restoration, custom floor designs, borders and inserts.

Owners Ronnie and Paula Haysley started the business in LaRue County in 1993. Their son Dale joined them after he graduated from LaRue County High School in 2007.

“Ronnie’s dad Ray worked in the flooring business in Louisville where Ronnie grew up,” Paula shared. “Ronnie started working in flooring when he was 13 years old and has been doing it ever since.”

Both son and father continued working for the Louisville company when Ronnie’s family moved to LaRue County in 1989, where he added side jobs on his own before deciding to start his own business inside their home.

“We sand and finish flooring on site and also install prefinished flooring,” Paula noted. “If there are damaged areas, we can fix them also.”

She said the most common flooring people want is either red or white oak, but others call for ash, maple, pine, and cherry.

“We’ve done other more uncommon kinds of wood, too, including Brazilian cherry and Purpleheart,” she added.

Custom designs are also available.

“A customer of ours had an octagon-shaped ceiling in one of their rooms,” she shared. “Ronnie designed the flooring to match the ceiling. We can get inserts such as a compass, rose, deer head, and many others, plus we offer borders and wooden vents.”

The company has completed projects locally and in homes in Indiana, Louisville, Bowling Green, Lexington and other cities in addition to churches and businesses.

“We have built our business on the premise that no job is too small,” Paula said. “We strive to give the customer the best possible finished product; we arrive on time on the scheduled date and finish in a timely manner.”

For more information call 270-358-3044. They are also on facebook at www.facebook.com/RRHardwoodFlooringInc.