Farm and Home Calendar - June 12, 2019

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LaRue County Farmers Market

The LaRue County Farmers Market will be open on Thursdays starting June 13 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. at the LaRue County High School back parking lot. New vendors are welcome. If you are interested in selling, contact the LaRue County Extension Office at 270-358-3401.

LaRue County Homemakers Annual Meeting

The LaRue County Homemakers Annual Meeting will be held at the Extension Office at 11 a.m. on Friday, June 28.  Anyone interested is invited to attend. There will be a potluck lunch. Please call the Extension Office if you plan on attending or with questions, 270-358-3401.

Fruit Cobbler Contest

The LaRue County Homemakers are hosting a Fruit Cobbler Contest during their annual meeting on June 28 at 11a.m. The contest is open to everyone. Pre-registration is required by June 27. Registration forms are available at the Extension Office at 807 Old Elizabethtown Road, Hodgenville. There is a $2 entry fee per cobbler. Proceeds will go to the Homemaker Scholarship Fund. Contact the Extension Office to register and for contest rules, 270-358-3401.

Food Preservation Workshop

The LaRue County Extension Service is hosting a hands-on, three day Food Preservation Workshop on July 23, 24 and 25 from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Topics include preservation methods, principles, cost, benefits, safety and equipment. Pressure canning, water bath processing, freezing, and dehydrating methods will all be demonstrated. This is a free workshop. Please register with the Extension Office, 270-358-3401.

Pesticide Container Recycling

The only date to bring in pesticide containers for the Rinse and Return Program will be Tuesday, September 3. As you spray your various pesticides this spring and summer, you are encouraged to properly rinse, store, and recycle them.

Triple rinsed, five gallon or less, plastic pesticide containers can be brought to Southern States in Hodgenville between 10 a.m. and noon that day for recycling. All containers should be clean and have labels removed. Please do not bring containers that are not properly rinsed. Have the lid removed, and the label removed as well as possible. There is no charge for the program, and it allows you a way to dispose of containers in an environmentally safe way as is mandated on the label.

Rental Equipment:

The LaRue County Conservation District has equipment available for rent. In order to help local farmers, LCCD has two 10’ No-till Drills and one 7’ No-till Drill to plant small grains and grasses. The Drills rent for $8 an acre with a minimum $50 charge. Two In Line Hay Bale Wrappers are available as well. The charge is $2 per bale with the farmer providing the plastic. If you rent a wrapper you must attend one of the training sessions. If you are unable to attend the training, an Equipment manager must come out and assist you with set up for an additional $30 fee. If you have any questions about rentals call 270-358-3132.