Expressing businesses in a Blazin way

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By Doug Ponder

A local graphics company is in the business of improving the branding techniques of organizations and people in LaRue County.

Blazin Expressions is a business that designs and creates a wide variety of products for customers including business signs, yard signs, window graphics, business cards, t-shirts and much more. The store is located on 212 North Lincoln Boulevard in Hodgenville. Their hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Owner Josh Singer said that he has always been interested in drawing and painting since he was a child. After serving in the army, Singer got the chance to use his creativeness in a career.

“I was an 82nd airborne paratrooper and when I got out of the service, I had a buddy who wanted me to work with him at a sign shop. He said since you like to design and draw, you will love this. So I went and joined him at the shop,” Singer said. “I started at minimum wage and in 6 months, I was operations manager of the company and making good money. I loved it.”

Singer worked at several other employers throughout central Pennsylvania. He also received experience that would prove to be invaluable in the later years when he opened his own business.

“I installed some signs for some massive projects. I did a job at the Gettysburg battlefield. From the maps going to the museum to the signs for the bathrooms, there is not a sign on that property that I did not design,” Singer said. While working several other jobs, I established a large network and made hundreds of contacts in this industry. This is how I am able to keep my prices low as I am grandfathered in on a lot of pricing other people can’t get.”

Singer and his family moved to LaRue County in 2012 and opened Blazin Xpressions in 2013. He said everyone in LaRue County has been appreciative of his work which is something he didn’t receive early in his career.

“I was originally from this area and I was excited to move back here,” Singer said. “I have been doing this type of work for 19 years and, out of all the years I have done this, the only appreciation I get is from my customers and 95 percent of my customers are in LaRue County,”

Singer went on to say that he plans to continue working in the graphics industry for years to come.

“Some people come in with an idea already and some don’t. I will help them either way,” Singer said. “If you need to advertise your business, I can get it done; I am a one stop shop for anything. I love people and I love what I do.”