Click it or Ticket

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By Ben Loyall

As Memorial Day quickly approaches the LaRue County Sheriff’s Office is reminding motorists to Click it or Ticket.

The Click it or Ticket campaign will begin on May 20 and go through June 2. The Sheriff’s Department will set up checkpoints during the campaign with a focus on seatbelt usage, though they will still stop vehicles for other violations. Through a federal grant the Deputies manning the checkpoints will be able to be paid for federal overtime.

Click it or Ticket, a part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is a national

campaign with the goal of raising the usage of seatbelts across the United States. “The main reason we take part in the campaign is to raise awareness,” said LaRue County Sheriff Russell McCoy “Our law enforcement personnel see firsthand severe injuries or loss of life when people do not buckle up.”

When seatbelts are correctly worn they can reduce the risk of fatality by 45 percent for front seat passengers, and 60 percent for back seat passengers.

According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, in 2018 there were 725 highway fatalities in Kentucky. Over half of those people were not wearing seatbelts. As of May 10, 2019 there have already been 215 vehicle related fatalities. “Seat belts save lives, and everyone from the front seat to the back, child or adult, needs to remember to buckle up every trip, every time.”

Many people are under the impression that a seatbelt is unnecessary when driving slow speeds or taking a short trip, but in fact most vehicle deaths occur when the vehicle is traveling under 40 mph. If you were to hit a windshield at 40 mph it would feel the same as hitting the ground after falling from a five story building.

Without a seatbelt it is very easy to be thrown from the car in the event of a collision. It is almost impossible to be thrown safely from a vehicle, and you are 25 times more likely to be killed if thrown through a windshield and into another vehicle, onto pavement, or any other object.

Airbags will not act as a stand in for seatbelts, they are actually meant to work with seatbelts. Airbags will help to cushion the occupant while the seatbelt holds them in place. If not properly restrained the occupant could be seriously injured.

“It’s such a simple act, and hope it becomes the automatic next step for all motorists after sitting down in a vehicle.”