Capturing Images - Creating Memories

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By Doug Ponder

The owner of a local photography business is striving to capture the precious moments of her clients’ lives through photography.

Melanie Wells Photography is located at 216 North Lincoln Boulevard in Hodgenville. Their hours are from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. The studio takes a variety of pictures for people including weddings, birthdays, high school senior pictures and many more.

Owner Melanie Wells said she has always loved photography and that she has been behind a camera taking pictures since she was a child. Every time there was a camera around, Wells said she was the one using it and “playing paparazzi” while trying to take pictures of everyone.

“My sister recently sent me some pictures of my grandparents with a thumb sticking out at the top of the pictures. I asked her who put their thumb on the lens while taking pictures, and she said that would be you, my baby sister,” Wells said. “In high school, I learned how to develop film which is what we had back in the day. Now, I am constantly keeping up on the digital trends. I love photography and everything about it!”

After working as a part time photographer for several years, Wells said she opened her studio four years ago.

“For the longest time I worked a full time job and did photography on the side. My daughters were always in beauty pageants so I got some great experience from that,” Wells said. “One of the easiest transitions I ever made was moving from a film camera to a digital camera. When digital cameras first came out, I took out a loan for one because they cost thousands of dollars then. I shot a beauty pageant in Louisville not long after that and the next day I went and paid off my loan with the money I made from the one pageant. That was my sign that I need to focus more on this and do it for a career.”

With the exception of the traditional poised pictures, Wells said she focuses on capturing pictures of the moments people aren’t expecting. She said the unexpected emotional pictures are what people tend to reflect on years later.

“When I meet with brides, I tell them it’s my job to make you laugh, smile and cry. There is so much emotion surrounding that day. You are getting married to the love of your life and all your family is going to be there. In some cases, the elderly family members I photographed passed away not too long after the wedding and my pictures were the last pictures the family had of them alive. Those pictures are priceless,” Wells said. “I had one bride who thought her grandpa wouldn’t be at her wedding because he was in poor health. She didn’t know he was coming, but I knew and I was ready to get a picture of her reaction. That was one of her favorite pictures of the wedding. That’s what makes me do what I want to do. It’s capturing those special moments for people and moments people can look back on for the rest of their life.”

With weddings being her favorite, Wells said photographing senior pictures is a close second. She said this is a monumental moment in peoples’ lives as they transition into adulthood.

“For senior pictures, I want young girls to be proud of what they look like. There are some guys who are camera shy and are only taking pictures because their parents wanted them to,” Wells said. “I work with them to get them laughing and natural. People come up to me and say that I captured the person’s personality with these pictures. That’s the best compliment I can get.”

For more information about Melanie Wells Photography, call 270-234-4810 or visit www.melaniewellsphotography.net.