Business created from fundraising roots

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By Doug Ponder

A LaRue County graphics business was created out of the idea to help school groups raise money.

Create It is located on 109 Lincoln Drive in Hodgenville. Their hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

The business specializes in custom vinyl graphics printing for window decals, banners, signs, clothing, license plates, blankets, backpacks and much more.

Owner Melissa Longhofer said she first became involved in the graphics business when she was a business and technology teacher at Oldham County High School.

“It was a program where I taught students about graphic designs and business concepts,” Longhofer said. “It was also used as a fundraising tool too as we would make the supplies for the fundraisers for our school groups. It was a great learning program and fundraising program.”

Longhofer moved to LaRue County in 2011 after accepting a position at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Hodgenville. She introduced the fundraising program to LaRue County Schools before deciding to work full time in the graphics business.

“While I was teaching, I was working in the graphics business from home,” Longhofer said. “It got to the point where it was starting to really grow, so I made the move to open my own shop and work at it full time.”

Create It first opened on the square in downtown Hodgenville before moving to its current location on Lincoln Drive. Longhofer said they provide their services to individuals and businesses throughout LaRue County and the surrounding counties. She said what makes them unique is their personalization.

“Anything that we can personalize or embroidery. From crafts to business signage, we can do it. We had a customer bring a logo she wanted on a receipt and we made it happen. There are no limitations,” Longhofer said. “Even with the fundraisers, a lot of them sell the same shirts. With us it’s not that way. If you want a v-neck shirt, a crew neck shirt, if you want glitters or if you want this font, we can provide products exactly to what the individual wants.”

Longhofer went on to say that school fundraisers are what is still “near and dear” to her heart in the business. Create It has worked with school fundraisers in LaRue County and the surrounding counties. Longhofer said she has worked with the Volleyball for the Cure, LaRue County travel sports teams, LaRue County athletics teams and many more.

“We work with each fundraiser to set it up where they get so much per item. We even set up a mobile graphics shop at the fundraiser for a lot of them,” Longhofer said. “They can personalize each individual shirt. With a screen print shop everything is the same, with us everything is made for each individual and everything customized. They can’t believe it, but the fun of it is blowing their mind at how we can personalize each individual item.”

Create It will also branch out to customizing graphics for cell phone cases, coffee mugs and a variety of other items in the near future. For more information about Create It, call 270-883-1999 or visit www.createitonthespot.com.