Board of Education denies claims in civil suit

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Lunchroom supervisor brought lawsuit following June 15 dismissal

By The Staff

The LaRue County Board of Education has denied several allegations of a former employee who filed a civil suit after being terminated from her position.

Melissa Enlow, a LaRue County Middle School lunchroom supervisor, was terminated June 15, according to court records. Her suit claims violation of Kentucky’s Whistleblower Statute, which protects public employees from reprisals if they divulge information of a suspected law violation.

She further claims she received superior evaluations until she cooperated with an Office of Education Accountability investigation in 2008. After that, according to her suit, she suffered “constant criticism” and harassment.

In a response filed Aug. 24 with the LaRue Circuit Clerk’s office, the board denied Enlow’s termination was in response to her testimony to the OEA. The board stated Enlow received “satisfactory” evaluations, not superior; that she had failed to perform her duties; and that she had received prior disciplinary warnings. The board denied Enlow had been unfairly criticized or harassed.

Enlow claims she suffered embarrassment and humiliation from the dismissal. She seeks reinstatement, back wages and benefits, punitive damages and attorney fees.

Enlow worked for the school district in various capacities beginning in 1998.

Attorney Mike Owsley with English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley in Bowling Green and local attorney Jim Whitlow filed the response on behalf of the Board of Education.

Lawsuits give only one side of a disagreement and do not reflect any counterclaims and/or settlements that may have occurred since the initial suit was filed.