Bluegrass Pipeline: Step up, fiscal court

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I read with disappointment that the LaRue County Fiscal Court has no plans to take a position on the Bluegrass Pipeline. Some reports say most landowners are in favor of the pipeline, yet that appears to contradict the feeling within our community.

I have talked with dozens of potentially affected property owners and they are against a high-pressure, liquid natural gas pipeline coming across or near their properties. I have followed this same movement in Nelson County, where there is a community-wide effort to stop the pipeline, including property owners, concerned citizens and local government. I believe they have a chance of preventing this project in their community if they stick together and continue the fight.

Unless LaRue Countians organize their opposition and have the support of local government, we’ll be easy pickings for outsiders who want to ramrod their own special interest through our farmlands and natural settings.

Sure, some landowners will get some money for the easements but all of us will be left holding a bag of liability. Has anyone ever considered what a leak along the proposed route would do to Hodgenville’s drinking water source or the South Fork of the Nolin River?

I’m all for jobs and prosperity, but this potential impact includes the proposed route across my farm and I have no intentions of granting an easement.

You might accuse me of supporting growth “as long as it’s not in my backyard,” but it sounds like our elected officials are saying they will do what’s right for our community as long as it’s “not in my term in office.”

I say this may be your last term if you don’t decide to stand up for our community’s best interest.

Larry D. Williams