BBB’s hot topics

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If you are selling a car or motorcycle online, watch out for fake buyers! A local consumer posted a motorcycle for sale online. A buyer asked basic questions, then asked the seller to visit a phishing website and enter in the VIN from the motorcycle. Never click on links to sites you don’t know!

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day, but romance scams are as well. If your potential love interest postpones meeting you in person, asks you to send them money, or only wants to chat by email or text, you may be dealing with a scammer instead of a new love.

Don’t fall for a mystery shopper employment scam! A consumer told BBB she received a letter along with a $998 check to conduct a Walmart gift card customer evaluation. She was instructed to evaluate her experience buying gift cards, then send pictures of the gift card numbers (and PIN) to the “employer.”

Did you get a call from the social security administration? Whether they claim your number is suspended due to suspicious activity or to confirm and reactivate it, just hang up the phone. SSA will never ask for your social security number over the phone.

Watch out for calls from Medicare imposters! New Medicare cards are being automatically mailed to consumers across Kentuckiana. Remember, Medicare will not call you to verify your number or request payment for your new card.

A local consumer received a Facebook message from a “friend” saying she qualified for a $50,000 federal grant. All she had to do was purchase a $300 Amazon gift card and send her the card information.

Tax season is underway, and so are the IRS scams! Scammers are impersonating the IRS and threatening consumers with lawsuits or jail time and demand payment over the phone. If you receive a call like this, just hang up!

If you get a call from Microsoft support, hang up the phone! These scammers tell you there’s an issue with your computer, request remote access to fix the problem, then charge a fee. Don’t fall for it!

A Louisville consumer told BBB she received a phone call offering her a lower interest rate on her credit card. To start the process, she just had to give the caller her credit card number. Remember – never give out personal information to someone you don’t know!

Businesses: Beware of Chamber of Commerce imposters! Scammers are pretending to be local area chambers and charging members for fake “business lists” or sending out bogus invoices. If you see something suspicious, contact the appropriate chamber directly.