Alter your outlook with a perfect fit

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By Vanessa Hurst

For one Hodgenville woman sewing has been such a big part of her life that she made a business from it. Rosa Smith started learning to sew at a very young age, “My mother was a seamstress and I remember her making costumes for my uncle who was a mariachi performer. I would have to be her manikin and hold up the coat while she sewed the embellishments on it.” Smith said.

Smith had an opportunity to design and make her first ball gown when she was just 19 years old. “I designed a gown for a friend for a military ball. It was a beautiful copper color with a pick-up skirt.”

Smith has always made her own clothes and altered ones she bought to fit her correctly. She would also do alterations and sew in the evenings for side money. “Business started to really pick up and my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and make it a full time business,” said Smith, “I really enjoy sewing. You’re always doing something different whether its problem solving or creating something new. There’s a lot of math work and geometry; there’s so much more to it than just stitching.”

Smith is also a certified master sewing volunteer with the LaRue County Extension Service and volunteers teaching sewing and alteration classes.

“Sewing is a dying art, that’s why UK has these master volunteer programs to revive these dying arts like sewing. Women used to alter all their own clothing. Back in the 50s, women dressed so well, because many of them made their own clothes and their clothes fit them the way they should. Today we have ready made clothes, but they aren’t sized for everyone. Many people struggle with the fit and think that that is just the way it has to be.” Smith said, “I’ve had many clients with special physical needs come to have their clothing altered to fit them better.”

Perfect Fit offers alterations on women’s and children’s clothing, pageant, prom and bridal. Smith also designs custom gowns and can reconstruct gowns to a clients specifications as well as redesigning heirloom dresses. Smith also offers private sewing lessons for all levels of experience.

There are no walk-ins at this alteration and sewing shop because according to Smith, “I want my clients to have an intimate experience. When a bride comes in to be fitted, it is a very personal and often family experience. I believe my clients deserve an experience with very little distraction.”

You can reach Perfect Fit by phone at 270-358-9049, Facebook at www.facebook.com/pfsewing or visit their website at www.perfectfit-ky.com.