ABE 93.7 going classic country

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By Doug Ponder

Radio is making a grand return to Hodgenville and LaRue County.

Lincoln Radio LLC will operate ABE 93.7 (FM) and WXAM 1430 (AM) in Hodgenville. Lincoln Radio LLC member and Operator Cale Tharp said that the AM station is already on air. He said they hope to have the FM station on air sometime in the middle of June.

“The AM station is already on the air and is like a jukebox with classic country music,” Tharp said. “We hope to have the FM station going as soon as possible, depending on FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approval.”

Tharp said they closed on the deal with Commonwealth Broadcasting to purchase the FM and AM stations on Friday, May 4. He said both the AM station and FM station will cover all of LaRue County and portions of the surrounding counties.

“These stations are for LaRue County, so they aren’t covering a large area. But we still wanted it to where someone in LaRue County who has to drive to Elizabethtown can still pick us up in their car. The AM will actually reach a little farther than the FM.  Translators are not allowed to extend beyond the primary AM signal,” Tharp said. “The good news is there are no other stations on this frequency, especially for the FM, which means there will be no interference with other stations. Years ago when we signed off AM 1430 at sunset you would hear a 1430 in Indianapolis.  I assume that’s the closest, but again that was the mid 80’s.”

Tharp said both stations will play classic country music, which Tharp said consisted of mostly 70s, 80s and 90s country. As far as other programming, Tharp said the stations will cover several things in LaRue County including community events, LCHS football games, LCHS girls/boys basketball games and more. He said they will also feature news segments at five different times throughout the day and a farm report at four different times throughout the day.

Tharp said there is a reason why they have both an FM and AM station that will mirror each other.

“The FM is called a translator which the FCC allowed AM stations to apply for to compliment their AM signal,” Tharp said. “The rule is programming has to be identical on both AM & FM (translator).”

Tharp, who is currently the co-host of the Cale and Trisha morning show on 94.3 the Wolf in Elizabethtown, said he got his start in radio in 1983 and that he has always dreamed of having his own station in Hodgenvile. Tharp said he is thankful for the great support he has received from family, friends, coworkers and the community.

“Everyone is excited and we can’t wait to get completely up and running. When people see me in the studio working on getting thins set up, they poke their head in the door to say hi and express their excitement,” Tharp said. “We have also received a lot of people interested in volunteering and I am thankful for that too. I also want to thank my current boss, Bill Evans, who owns the Wolf and Quicksie. He has been great and helped me a lot through the transition.”

The location of Abe 93.7 is in the old Hazle Hotel building in historic downtown Hodgenville and Tharp said they are also streaming online through their website at www.abe937.com.

For more information about ABE 93.7, visit their website or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ABE-937.