en Happy Father's Day <img src="" alt="My Daddy, Jack Voss " title="My Daddy, Jack Voss " align="left" hspace="6" width="92" height="85" /><p> Well it&rsquo;s almost time to celebrate dad again with ties and cards that are funny or made from the hands of the littlest of these to show just how special Daddy really is.</p> <p> My Daddy, named John Samuel, was always called &ldquo;Jack.&rdquo; He used to say, &ldquo;all great men named John are called Jack,&rdquo; and he was one of the great ones.</p> The things we do for our children <p> When my daughter Natalie was young, she wanted to get her ears pierced. And even though she wanted her ears pierced, she was afraid of needles. Her solution, one that was clever and smart, was for me to get my ears pierced to show her it did not hurt.</p> Things that make you wonder <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; What if only one person from every county in Kentucky decided to go vote after all on election day? Would we be facing a recanvass this Thursday? The Republican Gubernatorial race was won unofficially by 83 votes, and there are 120 counties in Kentucky. I wonder....</p> Celebrate Kentucky’s ties to Independence Day <p> By State Representative Terry Mills</p> <p> As we ready to celebrate the Fourth of July on Saturday, it&rsquo;s worth remembering the words President Kennedy spoke at Philadelphia&rsquo;s Independence Hall a little more than five decades ago.</p> Float my boat <p> Pows and wows! <p> &nbsp;I don&rsquo;t know why God does what he does. But we are always comforted by the adage that there is a reason for everything or the saying that God can make lemonade out of lemons. We Christians ask our questions and then wait for His answer. That works for us. We pause, and we learn. I get that.</p> Life lessons learned from Lincoln <p> I have been studying about Abraham Lincoln more in depth since I started working at the LaRue County Herald News.</p> <p> I think we can all agree that Lincoln was a successful man who made a positive impact on millions of lives. As president, Lincoln abolished slavery and led our country through the Civil War, which was one of the most trying times in our nation&rsquo;s history.</p> Protect your digital assets <p>