en Letter to the editor - August 26, 2015 <p> Communication will make the LCS District stronger</p> <p> The school year is underway and off to an incredible start for LaRue County Schools. On the heels of back-to-school season, it is school tax season throughout Kentucky. The LCS Board of Education will consider proposed 2015 tax rates Thursday.</p> Happy Father's Day <img src="" alt="My Daddy, Jack Voss " title="My Daddy, Jack Voss " align="left" hspace="6" width="92" height="85" /><p> Well it&rsquo;s almost time to celebrate dad again with ties and cards that are funny or made from the hands of the littlest of these to show just how special Daddy really is.</p> <p> My Daddy, named John Samuel, was always called &ldquo;Jack.&rdquo; He used to say, &ldquo;all great men named John are called Jack,&rdquo; and he was one of the great ones.</p> The things we do for our children <p> When my daughter Natalie was young, she wanted to get her ears pierced. And even though she wanted her ears pierced, she was afraid of needles. Her solution, one that was clever and smart, was for me to get my ears pierced to show her it did not hurt.</p> Things that make you wonder <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; What if only one person from every county in Kentucky decided to go vote after all on election day? Would we be facing a recanvass this Thursday? The Republican Gubernatorial race was won unofficially by 83 votes, and there are 120 counties in Kentucky. I wonder....</p> Small Business Disaster Recovery Tips <p> Imagine you are enjoying a nice family dinner and your cell phone rings. You answer and a hysterical voice screams into your ear, &ldquo;The office is on fire!&rdquo; What is your next step? Retirement is not an option!</p> Frankfort Focus - Making sure veterans receive the benefits they deserve <p> One of the ongoing challenges our country faces is making sure our veterans receive the full benefits they have rightfully earned.</p> <p> Unfortunately, as we discovered during a legislative meeting earlier this month, there are still some who are either unaware of what is available or who have become mired in bureaucracy. The good news is that, thanks to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA), we are making great strides in closing these twin gaps.</p> Why I’m passionate about amputee rehabilitation <p> A little over two years ago my dad, Pop as his children call him, started having trouble with his foot. It became infected and to make a long story short, the end result was amputation. From the time of his surgery I have seen Pop make tremendous strides in his recovery. From getting around with a walker and dealing with a healing and painful residual limb to phantom pain and learning to walk all over again, he has endured so much. I couldn&rsquo;t be more proud of him and his determination to not let his circumstances get him down.</p> The struggle of change <p> I was recently reminded of a huge change I recently decided to make in my life. My coworker Vanessa Hurst gave me the nickname &ldquo;Rockcastle&rdquo; in the office because almost every other sentence that comes out of my mouth, I make a reference to my hometown in Rockcastle County. When she first called me Rockcastle, it made me realize how much I had been missing it and how I had been relaying that through my conversations with people.</p>