Today's Sports

  • Bluegrass Speedway Top 10 track...

    44 Auto Mart Super Late Models

    1. Jason Keltner (Campbellsville)- 102

    2. Michael Chilton (Salvisa)- 79

    3. Jeff Watson (Campbellsville)- 77

    David Webb (Nicholasville)- 77

    5. Dustin Linville (Bryantsville)- 76

    6. Mike Jewell (Scottsburg, Ind.)- 71

    7. Justin Rattliff (Campbellsville)- 69

    8. Tim Tungate (Campbellsville)- 68

    9. Mike Marlar (Winfield, Tenn.)- 63

    10. Victor Lee (Stanford)- 57

    Open Wheel Modifieds

    1. Benji Lee (Raywick)- 144

  • Football field refurbished

    In preparation for the football season, the field at LaRue County High School is being prepared for a fresh stand of grass.

  • Officials complying with new...

    No one at LaRue County Schools is arguing that the new law requiring high school coaches to complete a sports safety course on how to prevent common injuries is not beneficial. 

    The cost of complying with HB 383, however, has raised some concerns.

    “For every coach to attend a medical symposium could cost the school in excess of $700 every two years,” said LaRue County High School athletic director David Dawson. “This will be seen as a necessary cost, however, to provide a safer environment for our athletes.”

  • Students compete at Gladiator...

    Gladiator Sports Week is a smorgasbord of sporting events for LaRue County youth. The summer camp is sponsored by the Family Resource and Youth Service Center.

    Wiffle ball, dodge ball and mat ball were just some of the sporting events held Monday. About 14 youths in grades 6-9 participated. 

    Tennis coach and physical education teacher Chris Estes, in his ninth year of teaching at LaRue County, was pleased with the turnout. 

  • Cross country runners sought

    Any LaRue County student grades 4-12 interested in running cross country this fall should contact Josh Henderson at 358-2210 or josh.henderson@larue.kyschools.us.

    The cross country season is in the fall.

  • Wrestling award given in Parker...

    Though Daniel Parker’s life ended in an automobile crash last November when he was only 22 years old, his memory and wrestling prowess will live on as LaRue County High School has created the Daniel Parker Statistical Leader Award in his honor.

    The award is a continuing plaque that will have new plates added each year.

  • Youth football camp planned today

    A youth football camp will be held from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. today at New Haven City Park for kids ages 5-14.

    Registration is $25 per camper. Registration remains open..

    Call 549-1010 with any questions.

  • Girls' basketball camp...

    A girs' basketball camp will be offered 9 a.m.-noon July 6-10 for grades 2-8. Cost is $35 per participant.

    The camp will be directed by James “Boo” Brewer with help from the LaRue County High School girls coaching staff and others.

    For more information, contact Brewer at 270-735-5994 or Andrea Self at 401-1075.

  • Bourbon City Speedway Go-Kart...

    June 6 Results


    First-#11 Jordan Soards

    Second-#2 Lucas Chaudoin

    Third-#21 Kevin Lee

    Fourth-#664 Matt Henon

    Fifth-#00 Greg Wooten

    Sixth-#21B Brandon Lucas

    Seventh-#11A Melissa Arnett

    Eighth-#52 Theresa Bellah


    First-#51 Scott Booker

    Second-#7 Lee Elliott

    Third-#20 Tyler Lee

    Fourth-#4U Anthony Underwood

    Fifth-#38 Casey Payton

    Sixth-#19 Brandon Lewis

    Seventh-#1 Anthony Arnett



  • Upton’s Wabash...

    Imagine the street rods racing for the fastest time. Sitting at the line waiting for the green light, revving their engines, then hammering the gas pedal trying to have the fastest time of all your competitors.

    At Wabash Motorsports in Upton Saturday night, they had similar racing but under a little different conditions ... mud.

    Not only mud, but trucks. Fast trucks.

    There were fans of all ages packing the grandstand to watch the trucks race across 150-foot long track covered in a foot of mud.