• LaRue County Black History Citizen of the Year Reverend Kenny Carter

    After a year absence, I was excited to continue the LaRue County Black History Citizen of the Year. The recipient this year was Reverend Kenny Carter, Sr.

  • Some road trips are planned out or at least I have a particular destination in mind, but occasionally a road trip transpires out of sheer happenstance. This particular trip was the latter.

  • A strong love for God and for each other has been the bedrock foundation of a marriage of almost 58 years between Reverend Gordon McDowell and his wife Wilma.

    “If God is not in the middle, you don’t have anything to hold a marriage together,” said McDowell from his home on B. F. Brown Road near Buffalo. “Marriage is not a 50-50 proposition; it’s really a 100-100 partnership if it’s going to last.”

    That union began when he was 18-years-old and she was 17-years-old on June 11, 1958.

  • As crazy as it may seem, I have never been to Sonora. I have been near Sonora, I’ve passed it while travelling I-65 but I have never actually driven through the town of Sonora. So on this particular trip I took Hwy 84 to Sonora. I stopped to get some gas and drove around downtown Sonora. It’s a neat little town with old buildings that represent old Americana when the small farming community was the bustling center of the average American’s life.

  • Sometimes you just have a hunch; you can’t explain it but something tells you to veer from your normal path and see what lies ahead in the other direction. One such hunch came over me last week on my way to work. I was running late and was just going to take the quickest route to Hodgenville from home, Hwy 31E. But something was telling me to turn off on Salem Church Road. Maybe it was my lack of acceptance that it was indeed production day after a long weekend with Monday off, but I followed my instincts and took the long way to work.

  • While out in the Buffalo neighborhood, I decided to try my luck taking Hwy 470 toward Magnolia again. Last time I traveled that particular highway I found myself, and my truck, knee deep in mud near a pond I was trying to take pictures of.

    I arrived in Magnolia and turned off on Mt. Sherman Road and drove for a bit then decided to see what was down LG & E Road.

  • By Ron Sanders

    Guest Columnist

  • A book was recently released to the public about the history of LaRue County during the American Civil War.

    Local author Steven L Wright wrote his book “A History of LaRue County, KY in the Civil War” about the actual events that occurred in and around LaRue County during the Civil War and how they affected the residents of LaRue County. The book features several chapters specific to LaRue County including Camp Wickliffe, guerrilla raids, murder of Union soldier Thomas Franklin Crady, the burning of the LaRue County Courthouse and much more.

  • LaRue County attorney, noted Lincoln scholar and historian, and vintage postcard collector Carl Howell in his latest book, Kentucky in the early 1900s: A Postcard Tribute, has produced a full-color 200-page volume that offers readers a written and pictorial look at Kentucky as it was over 100 years ago.

  • I wasn’t lost but I was most definitely stuck in LaRue last Friday. I started traveling down Hwy 470 toward Magnolia. Suddenly it caught my eye, a pretty pond, cornfields, the sun and the mist rising from the water; perfect ingredients for an amazing picture. Did I mention I was out during the ‘golden hour?’

  • The Glen Rice Family and Friends Musical Concert Series will celebrate their 10 year anniversary at 7 p.m. on August 7 at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center in Elizabethtown.

    The concert will feature talented artists from the local, regional and national level. The show will also feature various genres of music including country, gospel, oldies, and contemporary.

    Special guests joining Glen on stage are Pat Portman, Amber Martin, Christy Miller, Camille Turner and many more.

  • Samantha Perkins shoots through the obstacle course at the Summer Reading Block Party. LaRue County Public Library had several games and inflatables for children at their Summer Reading Block Party.

  • Isabella Thompson, 5 years old, from Buffalo donated 8.5 inches from her fi rst haircut to Pantene Beautiful Lengths at The Best Little Hair House owned by Daniel Skaggs.

  •  Nolin RECC, A Touchstone Energy Cooperative, awarded $15,500 in scholarship
    funds to local students in June. The cooperative provides electricity to approximately 33,500
    members in Hardin, LaRue and seven surrounding counties. These scholarship opportunities are just one way Nolin helps promote education and growth in the community.

  •  Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Jim and Janis Rogers, married July
    24, 1965. They plan to celebrate with their family, Chris and Dara Rogers;
    Todd and Michelle Rogers; Cari and Jamie Self, Tiffany and Ben Snodgrass;
    their 9 grandchildren, Shelby, Kylie, Clay, Bailey, Preston, Parker, Skylar,
    Kendall and Colton.

  • Camp Invention is a week-long summer camp that inspires creativity, inventive thinking and team work. Local educators help elementary school children work together to solve real world challenges and create devices and games using recycled goods.

    “This is the 7th year we’ve had Camp Invention. We have 104 students this year and a 90 percent return rate,” said Camp Director, Kathy Ross. “Many of the students come back every year. They absolutely love it, and when they are older, some come back as counselors.”

  • I love a good road trip. Not the driving across the country kind of road trip, I prefer to get lost in back roads that meander through the county-side. I enjoy finding off the beaten path sights and can’t resist turning down a road I haven’t traveled. Now that I’m working in LaRue County I’m eager to learn all about it and one of the first things I want to do is get “Lost in LaRue.” Join me on my adventures as I take pictures of places and people and write about my findings.

    For more, follow us on Instagram @lostinlarue 

  • Relay for Life 2015 is underway. With less than three days until the annual event, the LaRue County Relay Leadership team promises this year will be one to remember with a venue move to the Hodgenville Square and enough entertainment and activities for everyone in the family.