Kirkpatrick Ave
How I meet Gilbert is a long story its first how I meet his momma.. There was this skinny little dog running around our neighborhood and she almost got hit.. I brought her in and feed her and the next day I put ads in the paper as well as local businesses with no response so she was adopted into our family.. Little did I know she was going to have puppies.. One afternoon as we were eating dinner I looked out the back window to tell Sug to come in and I seen two little puppies on the ground.. I yelled for my husband and he carried her in as I carried the puppies. Gilbert was one of the last to be born he was no bigger than my pinky.. Poor Gilbert was so weak I had to hold him close to keep him warm and for his whole "Puppy life" I had to bottle feed him.. Him and I are very close he literally thinks I am his mommy.. And that I am!!!
His best trick is if I ask him to smile he shows all his teeth..
He loves going on car rides, he loves to bark at people, and he loves to wrestle with his daddy( my husband), his sissy and bubby(my kiddos).. But his absolute favorite is DINNER TIME!!!