Today's Opinions

  • LETTERS: Trash for Cash

    Dear Editor,

    I recently participated in the Trash for Cash program, which benefited the LaRue County 4-H Teen Club. I, along with other club members, cleaned up roadsides in the Magnolia area. Our members completed pick up for a total of ten miles. We split up into groups to accomplish this task.

    We picked up lots of plastic and glass bottles, Styrofoam and plastic cups, tobacco dip cans, as well as many wrappers to various food items. We even found a toilet in a ditch. Another very common item found on the side of the road was cigarette butts.

  • (Re)learning Rules of the Road

    Last week I got a parking ticket. This drives me crazy, not because I don’t agree with the law—I do—but it’s impossible to follow a law you don’t know.

    Back up for a second, here’s what happened. We had visitors at our house and the driveway was full, so I parked our car over on a nice, quiet side street in our subdivision. Back where I’m from, this would be a perfect parking spot. So how did that piece of paper end up on my windshield?

  • The many varieties of winter squash

    Winter squash come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. They don’t have any fats and can be prepared sweet or savory. The different varieties of winter squash may be substituted for each other in many recipes.

    Acorn squash are small, round and shaped like an acorn. They are a great all-around squash. They have a moist, sweet, tender flesh. Acorn squash are great for baking, roasting, steaming and sautéing.

  • Scouting in my day

      There’s something you may not know about me. 

  • A struggle for most calorie density and weight control

     Most people eat until they feel satisfied or full, and this is why portion control can be very hard to conquer for weight loss. To lose weight without chronic hunger, you need to choose foods that will make you fill full without being very high in calories. This is also referred to as choosing foods with low calorie density.

  • Prime Time Family Reading coming to LaRue Co. library

    How many of you, while your children were young, had a short bedtime story to help the kiddos wind down at the end of the day? If you were fortunate, it worked well enough to cause your children to develop an appreciation for reading.

  • Foods in the freezer, is it safe to eat?

    With frozen foods, sometimes it’s more a question of quality than safety.  Food and Health Communications reminds us, when it comes to freezer burn, the problem is more of a quality issue.  While safe to eat, the quality of freezer burned food may be poor.

    The safety of food in a freezer is always based on if the freezer has been kept at zero degrees or below. If there has been a power outage and/or the food has reached a temperature over 40 degrees at any time while in the freezer, the safety of the food may be in question.

  • Letter: Blessings in a time of Breast Cancer

    Dear Editor,

    With the recent anniversary of my diagnosis, I was interviewed by The LaRue County Herald News about my journey with breast cancer and I also wanted to take this time to thank some other special people in this letter.