Today's Opinions

  • Get out of the cart before you’re stuck in it

    I saw something downright appalling the other day.

    It was a fat child.

    Before you start penning those letters or firing off e-mails with indignation that I should say such a thing about the poor little fella, let me explain. His weight was the least of his problems.

    My husband Bud and I were in the grocery store and ended up in an aisle behind a woman pushing a shopping cart with her son inside. She was complaining and griping at the boy because he was riding in the cart, that he wouldn’t get out and was eating all the food.

  • Writer disappointed in new U.S. policy

    I was saddened this week to hear our new president has reversed previous administration policy on a ban that prohibited giving federal funds to international groups that perform abortions and provide information on it.

  • Main Street director bids farewell

    As many of you already know I have resigned my position as Hodgenville Main Street manager effective Jan. 15.

    Although this decision has been difficult for me I am comforted by the friendships I have made and the wonderful work we have accomplished. The Main Street organization has become like a family to me and I will dearly miss each of them.

  • Let’s make the most of new beginnings

    Early 2009 seems especially rich in new beginnings opportunities:

    •A new calendar year

    •A new/renewed set of resolutions to do better about whatever - be kinder, healthier, lighter, wiser.

    •A new U.S. Congress and so a clean legislative slate (though some unpassed items from the 110th Congress will likely be re-titled and resubmitted). Some shift in legislative priorities.

    •A new U.S. representative for the 2nd Congressional District - a new relationship to begin and build.

  • Campaign complaints are taken seriously

    About a month ago, we received a “Just Ask” question by e-mail: “Is it true that (some of the local candidates) broke campaign laws with their signs and newspaper advertisements?”

    The person asking the question did not provide their name or contact number.

    Without more information, we were unable to file a complaint with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. The person we spoke to at KREF said the agency takes complaints about campaign violations under KRS 121 very seriously and provided a link to a pair of brochures on their Web site.

  • Chamber takes ‘Bold Steps to Advance Kentucky’

    As we count off the final minutes of 2008, the challenges of the new year can seem quite daunting.

    Ahead are 365 unknowns. After a year of disappearing jobs, seesaw gasoline prices, a long and sometimes divisive presidential campaign, the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the threat of economic collapse, it may be difficult to warmly embrace Baby New Year.

    For some, the natural response is to ignore the realities and purchase an extra-strength pair of rose-colored glasses. For others, the turmoil calls for extreme caution and hiding inside their personal shell.

  • Faith in the face of tragedy

    People come and go in our lives. For better or worse, some paths cross for only a short time. Others seem to intersect frequently despite relocations, job changes, marriages and the passage of time.

    I have known Tammy Nischan since she was a child. She says our wedding was the first she remembers and talks about how romantic she thought it all was. Years later, we attended her December wedding and gushed over the poinsettia decorations. Our oldest daughter was influenced by it and when it came time for her to wed, she set the date in the Christmas season.

  • Don’t you love the miracles of technology?

    In the era of instant messaging, e-mail, the World Wide Web and the iPhone, we’ve become a nation connected and intertwined in ways our grandparents never imagined.

    In spite of all this technology, however, it seems that old friends and family slip through the cracks of our busy lives. While we stay involved in personal pursuits, time flies as fast as information on our favorite dot com.