Today's Opinions

  • COLUMN: Funding road project would improve safety on Devers Curve

     In 2004 and 2005, I worked on a couple of stories about dangerous roads in LaRue County.

  • COLUMN: Grand moments make me a wealthy, white-haired soul

    My oldest granddaughter Claire was decorating my hair the other day, sticking barrettes and what-not in it. She made the comment that she was putting a clip in the white part of my hair.
    My eyebrow shot up and I looked at her mother, who was barely suppressing her laughter. I couldn’t help but wonder: Did she put her up to it?
    She didn’t have to. Claire, who is 4, didn’t need someone else to point out the obvious.
    Grandkids make you proud and keep you humble.

  • GRACE NOTES: We're all scarred for life

     All this past week I’ve been talking to people with scars for a series of stories that I wrote for the newspaper where I work.

    I got the idea from a photographer I heard on the radio, talking about a series of photos he had done of people’s scars.

    He said that every scar tells a story.

    When I was 9, I bent down to say “hi” to Sam Lang’s Basset hound and it jumped up and bit my face, tearing a hole from the right edge of my lip to my chin.

  • LETTER: Are we interesting enough for Reader's Digest?

     Reader’s Digest wants to know what makes your community the most interesting town in America.

    From now until May 31, locals are invited to log on to www.readersdigest.com/america to share personal stories and photos that illustrate what makes their town special. The author of the winning story will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and their town will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. This is an opportunity for individuals to shine and possibly bring national attention to their hometowns.

  • LETTER: Attacks on church are disheartening

     Attacks on the church

    It is disheartening to read and listen to all the hateful and disparaging things being said about the church these past few weeks. It’s expected from the secular world but perhaps the more heartbreaking comments are those of my own brothers and sisters in the faith who have long ago excommunicated themselves from her teachings.

    I have never understood how anyone who considers themselves a Christian could rationalize abortion or abortifacient drugs.

  • COLUMN: Stay little for a little while

     There are a few times in life when you just know things are going to change. Some for the good – some for the bad – and some just because it has to. 

  • COLUMN: Storms left a mark on our community

     Whenever TV crews cover a tornado, they inevitably interview someone who “heard a freight train.” Sometimes they find a person who will make a noise like a freight train.

  • COLUMN: Everyone has a story about the Leap Day tornadoes

    Everyone has a story....
    During the weather events of this past week everyone has a story to tell about what they saw, where they were, or how they were affected. I’m no different. I can’t tell you that I had a real good feeling that morning as I dropped off my daughter at daycare. They had already taken shelter in the hallways, heads down and plans in place for their safety. I arrived at the office ready to make decisions and be watchful for the pending weather that was to come.