Today's Opinions

  • We should never forget we are a Christian nation

    Someone recently sent me an e-mail about the Washington Monument. It said that one detail that is never mentioned is that in Washington, D.C.; there can never be a building of greater height than the Washington Monument. With all the crazies wanting to remove “In God We Trust” it’s interesting to note that the founders of this country didn’t share those views. Atop the Washington monument are the two Latin words Laus Deo. These words are a mere 5.125 inches high atop the 555 feet high monument.

  • No candy toss at parade

    This weekend, Oct. 3-4, LaRue County once again has an opportunity to showcase our community and hopefully the streets will be full of people, our own, returning guests and visitors. Of vital concern is the safety of each one.

  • Leadership LaRue is an investment in the community

    Get out of the office and get to know what makes LaRue County click.

    The more we know about our community — and each other — the better we can do our jobs. That applies to newspapers, of course, but also to bankers, educators, insurance sales representatives, utility workers, store clerks and most everyone else.

  • Have you ever wondered ‘why me?’

    Have you ever wondered “why me?”

    This question is a cry from deep within the suffering human heart most of the time. (Sometimes a grateful heart speaks thus, too.)

    Persons and families, friends and acquaintances who suddenly come upon tragedy struggle with this question. Especially wrenching developments include grave illness or death of precious children and other loved ones, suicides, drastically changed relationships and situations.

  • 4-H stories needed

    4-H celebrates its 100th birthday this year.

    In October, The LaRue County Herald News will publish a special section in honor of our county’s 4-H program.

    Please share photos and stories of your experience in 4-H with our readers.

    Contact editor Linda Ireland at 358-3118 for more information.


  • Investment in new nursing home will benefit county for years to come

    Sunrise Manor Nursing Home has been a big part of my life.

    I spent 10 years there as an employee. Several friends and family members including my grandmothers and father have been residents there.

    I still count many of the employees among my friends although I haven’t worked there in eight years.

    I was pleased to be part of their big day July 22 when the staff, board of directors and contractor held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new nursing home.

  • Joel Ray still kickin' it after 55 years in show biz

    Each week for 55 years, a few hundred people have arrived each Saturday to enjoy Joel Ray Sprowls’ antics on stage and the talented house band and various entertainers that comprise the Lincoln Jamboree.

    Far fewer share in the behind-the-scenes operations.

  • Be aware of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Sept. 9 was set aside for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Awareness. As a mother of children affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder I would like to share some statistics with you about FASD.