Today's Opinions

  • The last gift under the tree

    One gift remained under the Christmas tree.

    I hadn’t noticed that the box had been pushed into a corner, intentionally set aside as the last to be opened. The significance was lost on me, even after Mom pushed it in my direction.

    Christmas always had been special in my parents’ home. They made it that way.

  • Lower prices at the pump lead to a giddy glow

    Something extraordinary happened Monday that gave me a warm feeling all over.

    Despite the fact it was a cold December morning and I experienced a delightfully giddy glow, it has nothing to do with the Christmas season.

    Although, giving it a second thought, it will help make the season merry and bright.

    It was a common event which took place in an ordinary way but had a very happy ending.

  • Giving thanks amid minor misfortunes

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  • Letters to the editor

    Congratulations for school accomplishment

    I recently read of the accomplishments and high achievements of our LaRue County School System. Our high school is ranked 27th out of 201 high schools in the state putting us near the top ten percent. This is great.

    I commend Superintendent Sam Sanders and his entire staff for this accomplishment.

    Also I appreciate the work of the school board members of our county.

  • Memories play on for Ed Cundiff’s D.J. protege

    I first met radio D.J. Ed Cundiff in January 1982. He always would play tricks on my mother who used to pass the showcase studio everyday on her way to work. When she would drive by, Ed would say, live on the air, “There she goes, Hopper (my dad). I don’t know where she’s going but she has on her long-dangling earrings.”

    So one day she decided to play a trick on Ed-for his birthday. She made him the prettiest chocolate cake you’ve ever seen – out of cornbread. Only Ed didn’t know this until he took a bite of it.

  • Web site offers new features

    By now, you may have noticed that the newspaper's place on the Web has changed.

    It's been in the works for some time and the final details came into place Friday for www.laruecountyherald.com.

    As with many changes, some people equate different with difficult. But the story placements on the new site are easy to navigate. The site contains separate categories for news, sports, features and opinion, where this article can be found. You also quickly can navigate to obituaries and calendar items.

  • It doesn't mean I don't like you - just because I call you names

    Sally Jo Johnson. Back Rot. Luscious Jackson. Fast Walker. Baby Yaris.

    You may be asking yourself what all of the above have in common. It’s simple. They are the result of a habit I share with my friend of 20 years to nickname people, pets or objects. Somewhere between the seventh grade and now, Heather and I developed an aversion to calling anything by its given name.

  • Delegation forming to welcome home vets

    Local veteran Lee Ratliff thinks it is time the community honored service men and women as they return from overseas tours of duty.

    Ratliff, along with Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Commander Chapter 003 Gary Rice, is interested in speaking with others willing to form a delegation to welcome the defenders home.

    Ratliff said he got the idea when one of his neighbors, Rhonda and Terry Tucker, placed a welcoming sign outside their home in honor of their son, infantryman Justin Murphy.