Today's Opinions

  • Red Cross thanks

    Thank you to the 34 individuals who volunteered to donate blood at the Hodgenville Woman’s Club. Many thanks to the volunteers who worked: Cecil Druen, Jean Hornback, Elaine Cooper, Phyllis Blakeman and Rob Brown. Also thanks to Geneva’s Florist for their support of the blood drive. The community blood drive will return Oct. 13.

    Faye Puyear

  • Open records can show where your hard-earned money goes

    In Kentucky, it’s presumed that government documents are open unless there’s a good reason to keep them secret.

    Until July 1, people in South Dakota had to prove documents were open as they sought information. A new law shifts the burden to government to show why it has the right to withhold information.

    Officials think it will have a “long-term positive impact on government,” according to a news account. It’s a long overdue development.

  • Seniors appreciate their fair day

    We want to give special thanks to president Ann Morrison and advisor Bobby Morrison and all the board members and staff for another year for senior’s day at the fair.

  • Do what’s right

    Never be afraid to get involved and do what’s right.

  • Humans and cat litter are ties that bind dogs and cats

    Cats and dogs, those familiar creatures near and dear to us, wholly different and cursed by nature to be sworn enemies of each other. We folk who share our lives with these two critters know that they can live side by side and can even pull together toward the same goal.

    They’re able to do this by having two common ties. One is we human beings. No matter how we think of ourselves in our relationship with cats and dogs, whether it is owner, roommate, buddy or parent, we are one common thread shared in their lives.

  • Thanks for Australia trip

    I just wanted to thank all the businesses in Bardstown, Elizabethtown and Hardin County, all my family, friends and neighbors for helping support me on my trip to Australia for the track and field competition. I had a blast and it wouldn’t have happened without them.

     Truman Padgett

  • Some time off with grandkids

    Discussing a crowded Saturday schedule of shopping, playgrounds and pool time, my 4-year-old grandson asked, “Are you trying to wear me out?”

    After a week-long visit, Grant was on to me. At age 4, a boundless supply of energy exists and he knows it.

    “Cause I don’t wear out,” he continued. “I just be awake and be awake.”

    Just before midnight that evening when a weary grandfather tried to corral him into bed, the boy started sprinting back and forth across the room.

  • All-Star thanks

    The LaRue County 9-Year-Old All-Star team would like to thank the many fans who supported them during the Cal Ripken 10th District Tournament held at LaRue County Parks and Recreation and the Cal Ripken West Kentucky State Tournament held in Elizabethtown.

    Community support for these players was tremendous. Fans filled the stands at every game and the many phone calls asking how the team was doing was incredible.