Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: County Attorney provides more information about parking case

    While I believe it is unnecessary for me to respond to the ongoing dispute between Mayor Terry Cruse and Greg Harry, I do believe there are several facts omitted from the news article and the written comments of both Mayor Cruse and Mr. Harry that need to be clarified concerning the dismissal of the citation.

  • COLUMN: Smiling faces can be evil clowns in disguise ... and I got proof

    My husband Bud and I were talking about ourselves the other day.
    We determined that we are not big grinners. That sometimes is off-putting to people who are big grinners.
    Smiley People sometimes try to “cheer us up.” The thing is, we may not be glum at the moment. We just look it.
    At times, we have misunderstood “Smiley Person’s” motive and think they are simply obnoxious.

  • LETTER: Chorus put on a great show

    The American Red Cross thanks The Heart of Kentucky Men’s Chorus for its generous donation to the Disaster Services Program at the Hardin/LaRue Service Center. Their “Rock N Roll” Christmas Show contribution will benefit many in need in our community.

    The concert, held Dec. 10 at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, was thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting. Our thanks to all involved, including co-sponsor Knight’s Mechanical and special guests Max Q, acoUstiKats and the Heartland Fillies.

  • COLUMN: Meeting corrections challenges means finding common ground

    It is uncommon – especially in these days of polarizing political rhetoric – to find two people with significantly different points of view working toward the same goal. Yet that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in as members of a state task force that is looking for solutions to Kentucky's big – and growing – challenges in corrections spending.

  • LETTER: Student thanks community

    I want to thank everyone for your support for “Help Me to Help Others.” It was really nice that you have helped others who needed it.
    I want to thank all the people who gave me canned goods or put money in my box to buy groceries while I set up at IGA lobby. I want to thank Curtis from IGA, Lincoln Way, Carl Howell, Ronald Wright, Taylor Durham, Wrolen Pin Restaurant, Mrs. Pearman, Mrs. Akridge, Mrs. Cecil at my School and all the children at Hodgenville Elementary School for bringing all the stuff in.

  • LETTER: Hawks rule the holidays

    Hawks rule the holidays
    All three LaRue County High School winter sports programs won a holiday tourney within a one-week period.
    The Lady Hawks are KME Christmas Tourney champs. The Hawks won the National Guard Holiday Classic. And the Hawk wrestlers won the Fayette County, Ga. Tournament (38 teams).
    I feel confident in saying that very few schools across the state and country have accomplished that. I’m very proud of each program.
    David Dawson
    LCHS Athletic Director

  • COLUMN: If you don't want it in ink, don't do it

    Last week my husband and I went to dinner. A simple, pleasant dinner, until I heard “it.”
    “It” was the remark that the paper, this paper, had printed false information about a particular person. I didn’t catch the person’s name they were referring to but I would have liked to know. The few key words I did catch were “in jail, meth and wrongly accused.”

  • LETTER: Baby Jesus grew up

    A family took their children to the park one Christmas. As they were looking at all the pretty lights on the trees they come upon the nativity scene. The mother says, "Look everybody, there's the manger with the baby Jesus." As she turned to look at her children she noticed her daughter was looking out of the other side of the window.

    The mother asks, "Honey what's wrong? Don't you want to see the baby Jesus?"