Today's Opinions

  • Investment in new nursing home will benefit county for years to come

    Sunrise Manor Nursing Home has been a big part of my life.

    I spent 10 years there as an employee. Several friends and family members including my grandmothers and father have been residents there.

    I still count many of the employees among my friends although I haven’t worked there in eight years.

    I was pleased to be part of their big day July 22 when the staff, board of directors and contractor held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new nursing home.

  • Joel Ray still kickin' it after 55 years in show biz

    Each week for 55 years, a few hundred people have arrived each Saturday to enjoy Joel Ray Sprowls’ antics on stage and the talented house band and various entertainers that comprise the Lincoln Jamboree.

    Far fewer share in the behind-the-scenes operations.

  • Be aware of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    Sept. 9 was set aside for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Awareness. As a mother of children affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder I would like to share some statistics with you about FASD.

  • Didn’t like Lincoln Days cartoon

    I take issue with the editorial cartoon published in the Herald News Sept. 9.

  • Time spent with grandchildren is precious

    I asked my granddaughter Autumn if she knew about our latest holiday. She said no and asked what it was called.

    I said it’s Labor Day.

    She asked if that was the day we were all going to have babies. I said no, that’s a different kind of labor.

    There’s another holiday coming up Sunday, but most people are not aware of its existence. It’s called Grandparents Day. Maybe no one notices this holiday because there’s no day off from work involved.

  • Travels abroad make you appreciate your blessings

    I recently returned from a tour of the west-African country of Ghana. I was part of a visiting group connected with the University of Kentucky. We had two administrators from UK, two county extension agents and seven Extension Homemaker members from across the state in our Kentucky group.

  • You can feel the love for LaRue at the State Fair

    People around Kentucky and southern Indiana have a warm feeling about Hodgenville and LaRue County.

    If you want proof, spend a four-hour shift at LaRue County’s booth in the Pride of Counties display at the Kentucky State Fair.

    From 5 to 9 p.m. Aug. 21, it was my privilege to stand between cutouts of Joel Ray Sprowls and Abraham Lincoln and distribute promotional material about LaRue County.

  • 30-year friendship reignited on trip

    On July 30, Sandy Kirk Poteet and Debbie Dorsey Jones flew from Louisville to San Jose. I arrived a few hours later from Florida. The cross-country trip to California was a whirlwind. The occasion was to visit our friend Monique Douglass Engleman. What started as a fun, carefree vacation ended up as much more. What we discovered was the gift of friendship.