Today's Opinions

  • Crazy dreams may be a reflection of our subconscious - or just a bad burger

    All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

    – Edgar Allen Poe


    Researchers say we dream four to six times per night.

    Some people, like my husband, Bud, either claim to never dream or not to remember the ones they have. Those same researchers think we forget about 99 percent of what goes on in our brain while we sleep.

    But every now and then we have a dream that is so vivid it sticks with us and causes us to puzzle over its origin and possible meaning for months – even years – to come.

  • We have issues with our food

    When I began service in this part of Kentucky, I remember a meeting with a group of older people in Nelson County. They were upbeat though there was one issue for bemoaning: that our young people thought milk and food originated at any nearby grocery store. Point taken.

    This office has almost 50 files on various facets of food and its production. Perhaps the files with the most troubling information: agribusiness, genetically modified organisms and food safety.

  • Wants information on Wheeler family

    If anyone has any pictures, information or stories regarding the Stephen Wheeler Sr., Andrew Wheeler or James and Sarah Wheeler ancestry from Casey County, contact Judy Cash, P.O. Box 221 Paris, Ill. 61944 or e-mail judycash@cell1net.net.

    Judy Cash

  • It’s time for the Herald’s block sale

    Do you need a gift for that someone special? Or how about a night on the town for two? The LaRue County Herald News will conduct its fourth annual Newspaper in Education block sale 9 a.m.-noon Friday, July 24. It offers the perfect opportunity to save some money on restaurants, family fun and lodging.

    At the same time, you’ll be helping our NIE program which places newspapers in local classrooms at the request of teachers.

    If you are a pizza lover, certificates and gift cards are available from Pizza Hut, Hometown Pizza and Mr. Gatti’s.

  • Music memories abound at Jamboree

    Forty-three – the number of years I have played music at the Lincoln Jamboree, doesn’t really seem that long until I look at some things going on when I started playing piano there as a teenager.

  • Family dissolves on screen

    Many critical issues of the day face our nation. Based on coverage devoted by television’s morning news shows, the entertainment magazines and buzz in the community, one of the most significant may be the pending dissolution of a high-profile marriage.

    So here's my take on Jon and Kate.

  • Band director highly qualified

    Since I was on the committee that helped select Jaime Smith as the present band director of LaRue County High School, I feel that it is my duty and obligation to defend him against some of the baseless criticism and false comments that he is receiving from an element in the county that cannot find anything positive or complimentary about our school system and some of its personnel, which includes Smith and the band program.

  • Disappointed in band season

    I feel I must comment on the articles in the paper regarding the band and its new direction. I am a former band member, a former band executive and a former senior parent. I am a firm believer that the band experience will last a student a lifetime more than any sports program and I have done both.

    My son graduated this year and it was his worst year in band.