Today's Opinions

  • A Tale of two caucuses

    It was cold and drizzle was hitting my windshield as I traveled south to LaRue County to cover the Republican Presidential Caucus. I’ve never been to a caucus and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been to elections since I was 20 years old when I decided to register to vote, but never a caucus and LaRue county was going to be my first. I was thinking of what clever questions I might ask voters about this event as my wipers slapped in time to a song on the radio.

  • It’s okay. He is in control

    We have had some so called wild presidential elections in the United States in the past, but I think it’s safe to say that the 2016 presidential election is unlike any other election in our nation’s history.

    Over a dozen Republican presidential candidates filed to run in the race at the beginning. With a lot of them dropping out of the race or contemplating dropping out of the race, there are now four candidates left which are Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.

  • Subscription based software

    Software companies began a major transition a couple of years ago from a purchase license to a subscription license for the software you use most often.

    Software has always been a license more like a lease to use, like a movie ticket for a one time use of a seat in a theater, rather than an outright purchase to own.

    Most people, however, never read the fine print on the sales agreement that said you have the right to use, but may not modify, resell, and so forth.

  • We're Growing

    By Krista Levee

    Chamber Director

    We are growing!

    In case you missed the February Chamber Luncheon, it was packed!

  • LETTER: Just do your job

    Just do your job

    Dear Editor,

    Mr. McConnell: Do your job or get out! Your job in Washington is to confirm judges or not confirm and to review budgets, not when it suits your fancy. You and your republican party have spent the last eight years wasting tax payers money paying you to do your job. Sitting around refusing to confirm a new judge or review the President’s budget is not doing your job. You have spent 8 years sticking it to the President.

  • Smoking affects more than the smoker

    By Steven Curtsinger

    Student Columnist

    We all know someone that smokes or has smoked at some point in their lifetime. How has that person’s bad habit affected you? Fortunately the number of Americans who smoke has steadily dropped since records were first recorded in 1965, when 42.4 percent of Americans 18 and older smoked. This number has dropped to below 30 percent since 1987.

  • Startup success shares lessons learned

    By Lisa Williams

    Just over three years ago, husband and wife team Bob Purcell and Rebecca Wheeling answered a calling to turn a bright idea into a business.

    As independent insurance adjusters, the couple knew having someone work the phones and maps to schedule and route their appointments made their work more efficient. More importantly, those services enabled them to help people in crises get their lives back faster.

  • Implementing GodMode in Windows 10

    Nearly every piece of software in existence has a back door, tweak or hack that will open up a new world of possibilities. For gamers, these god-like powers give you things like unlimited lives, infinite power, or indestructibility.

    Windows has long had, at least since Windows 97, a GodMode. GodMode for Windows 10 provides access to over 260 features and utilities that approach god-like powers for Windows testers, hackers, and even the common user.