Today's Opinions

  • Red Cross thanks

    The American Red Cross, Hardin/LaRue Service Center, held its annual golf scramble July 31 at the Lincoln Trail Country Club in Vine Grove. More than $6,700 was raised to benefit the Red Cross Disaster Services Program. Eighty golfers played in an 18-hole team scramble, with a complimentary lunch, goody bag, door prize for each player and cash prizes. Thanks go to The Cecilian Bank for co-sponsoring and helping with the event.

  • Unhappy with store’s practices

    I am writing to share my recent experience with a store in the area. On Aug. 16 – a very hot day – I stopped by the store to pick up dog food. Upon my entering I was welcomed with a very cool blast of air flowing freely out of the door. I began to question the reasoning in such a wasteful action.

  • Cataract treatments improve quality of life

    Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Cataracts affect 20.5 million Americans age 40 and older.

    Fortunately, in the U.S., cataract surgery is safer and simpler than ever with results that cannot only improve your vision but can potentially do so and eliminate your need or dependency on glasses.

    Usually, cataracts develop slowly with little effect on vision. But as the cataract grows, vision becomes blurred, like looking through a cloudy lens or an impressionist painting.

  • Embracing paleness may lower risk of cancer

    Sophomore year - Marion County High School’s Valentine’s Day dance - that’s when it started.

    “It” being my obsession with being tan.

    I remember asking my mom if I could go to the tanning bed so that I could be tan in the little black number I bought for the dance. She hesitantly said yes, but tried to get one of her friends, Mary Lou Marrett, to talk me out of it. Mary Lou warned me of how bad it was for my skin, how it caused premature wrinkles and how it was highly addictive for some people.

  • God sometimes tells us ‘what not to wear’

    Lately I’ve been hooked on watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC, hosted by style gurus Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

    How the show works: Friends and relatives nominate a chronically fashion-challenged friend who’s ambushed by Stacy and Clinton who hand her a Visa card worth $5,000 with her name on it to spend on a new wardrobe in New York City.

  • No trouble yet in case of mistaken identity

    There are some people, perhaps those too much into science fiction who believe that everyone has an exact double somewhere in the world. I think I may have found mine in far-off Hardin County.

    A few years ago, I went in a barber shop in Elizabethtown. The lone barber invited me to a chair and asked, “Will that be the usual?”

    I explained that I’d never been in before and the barber answered, “I’m sorry, I thought you were a teacher from over at Central. You look just like him.” Mistaken identity, no big deal.

  • Loved back-to-school bash

    We would like to thank Family Resource and all the staff at Hodgenville Elementary School and the bus drivers for making the back-to-school bash such a great success.

    LeAnn Greenwell

  • Red Cross thanks

    Thank you to the 34 individuals who volunteered to donate blood at the Hodgenville Woman’s Club. Many thanks to the volunteers who worked: Cecil Druen, Jean Hornback, Elaine Cooper, Phyllis Blakeman and Rob Brown. Also thanks to Geneva’s Florist for their support of the blood drive. The community blood drive will return Oct. 13.

    Faye Puyear