Today's Opinions

  • BILL HAYES COLUMN: A View From the Mountain

     Four years and a few months ago, before the Obama/Biden ticket decided it couldn’t win in Kentucky and the rest of the coal producing states, I was in Frankfort sitting around the Governor’s Office of Local Development with Dick Prelopski, the Director and Leo Haggarty, East Kentucky field rep one afternoon.  A call came in from National Public Radio, NPR. John Hockenberry, NPR news show host, wanted to talk to someone in Kentucky about what the Obama campaign had to do to be competitive in Kentucky.

  • COLUMN: Leroy Brown saved the 70s

     I’ve always thought the ages of 12 to 14 were the worst in my life – no longer a child but far from being a driver’s license-wielding teenager. 

  • COLUMN: Today's the day to ditch the resolutions

     Ahhhh … a fresh new year. Did you make resolutions? How are you holding up with them? More than you can handle? Then get ready to celebrate on Jan. 17 – Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.

  • COLUMN: Rooster revived from ice storm

     I was awakened Christmas Eve morning by Russell Crow.

    Now before you start thinking, “my, my, that Linda was a really good girl this year,” let me explain.

    It was not the all-tingly voice of that hunky Australian actor Russell Crowe I heard. It was the crowing of our pet rooster Russell Crow who was thawing out in the basement – directly under the bedroom floor.

    It was annoying, but we were glad to hear that he was feeling better. For awhile, it looked like he was headed straight to the pot for dumplings.

  • COLUMN: Funerals call for closed mouths, open hearts

     Sometimes as we’re working in the office, we’ll engage in what some may consider to be offbeat conversations.

    Recently, we discussed funeral homes – and all the ways things can go wrong when well-meaning visitors descend on the bereaved.

  • COLUMN: It's rooster tipping time

     Last week's cold rainy weather meant one thing at our house.

    It's rooster tipping time.

    To be accurate, it was actually rooster "untipping" time.

    Ever since our pet rooster Rusell Crow stayed outside the chicken house during the ice storm last winter, he hasn't been quite right. Although we thawed him out and cared for him to the best of our ability, he hasn't rebounded like we had hoped.

  • COLUMN: Les Miserables was a pleasant surprise

     I don’t go to movies very much. Over the last 10 years, the majority – no, make that all – of the movies I have seen at a theater have been ones my children have wanted to see, or ones my husband and I thought they would enjoy seeing.

  • LETTER: Circuit Clerk's office to be open one Saturday each month

     Circuit Clerk office to be open one Saturday each month

    For the past 12 years, the LaRue County Circuit Clerk’s Office has been open on Saturdays.

    When promises are made by elected officials, it is often the reaction of the public to say,  “yea, right – that will never happen.”