Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Chamber director thanks volunteers at State Fair booth

    The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who contributed to our booth at the Kentucky State Fair “Pride of the Counties” exhibit.
    The booth was a great representation of LaRue County because of the many items that were loaned for use in the booth and because of many volunteers that donated their time to man the booth.
    These volunteers donated many hours to tell about LaRue County and everything we have to offer.

  • COLUMN: Grandparents are worthy of honor

    With grandparent’s day just around the corner, I think it’s appropriate to commend the works of grandparents in our county, state and nation.
    Since being declared a national holiday by former President Jimmy Carter in 1978, Americans have taken advantage of the Sunday after Labor Day, to celebrate the impact that grandparent’s have had on their lives.
    Grandparents, in my opinion, are an essential part in every person’s life, often times offering unbiased advice and a shoulder to lean on.

  • 911 changed America - and all of our paths

    This week we reflect on the 10th anniversary of events to be remembered in history and commemorated for generations. On this day, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we are a permanently changed nation and are yet confronting the attack’s second and third order effects.

  • LETTER: Remember those lost on Sept. 11, 2001

    In a few days, our nation will give honor to those who lost their lives in New York City. I will have no problem to pause and lower my head in silence.

    Being brought up to do so at home, having the honor to serve and as an American, I have a sworn duty to do no less.

    And above all that was said, first and always, God comes first by his loving grace.

    Thank you, God, to be an American.

    Lee Ratliff


  • Labor Day Remembrance

    Cartoon by Terry Wise

  • COLUMN: So much to enjoy at Lincoln Days

    There are a lot of factors that make every Lincoln Days Celebration successful, but most important are the dedicated community volunteers who step up and provide leadership and professionalism to every aspect of the celebration.

    This year's board comprises experienced servants from the past plus new blood which is always refreshing and provides oft needed approaches to keep us at the forefront and a leader in the local festival market.

  • COLUMN: Lay that donkey down and rest in God's love

    A young boy and an old man were walking with a donkey when a group of people passed by.
    “Isn’t that ridiculous that no one’s riding that donkey,” one person said.
    So, the old man told the boy to ride the donkey.
    Another group of people passed by and someone said, “That’s terrible! Look at that young boy riding that donkey while the old man walks.”

  • LETTER: Kicking cancer fundraiser a success

    The LaRue County Parks and Recreation hosted the first Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament on Aug. 20.

    We would like to say thank you to all of the teams and the sponsors who made this event possible. There were a total of 10 teams from LaRue and Hardin Counties representing a youth division and an adult division.

    The event raised more than $1,500 for the American Cancer Society and the LaRue County Parks and Recreation.

    The winners in each age group were as follows:

    First place youth division – First Baptist Church Youth Group