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  • Calling for the death of a rumor

    I know of newspapers that kept their communities informed about clean water and shelter during terrible storms and disasters.

    I know of newspapers that exposed crooks, lost a lot of advertising from the crooks’ buddies and still put out a paper every week.

    I know of a newspaper that had an ironic sense of humor that even offended a few readers and stood its ground with a “come on people, have a brain” retort.

    I know of publishers who took pay cuts during the recession rather than cut staff.

  • Letters to the Editor - October 2, 2013

    They’ll be back next year
    I’m not a great author, but my story is simple, it is about one of the greatest places I have been in America: Hodgenville, Ky.

    My wife Jennifer and I were on our way home from a family vacation in North Dakota. We were able to make a little detour and had read about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. After a really enjoyable two days on the trail it was once again time to head for home.

  • Good news is a welcome change

    LaRue Countians have had more than our share of bad news of late. So many deaths and injuries in a short period of time ....

    I was more than ready for some good news when I learned of the school district’s latest test scores (Unbridled Learning).

    The district – already shining at 20th out of 174 districts – made the leap to 14th in the state. That is quite an accomplishment for any district, much less one of the smallest in the state.

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary jumped from 274th out of 733 to 258th out of 730 schools.

  • Letter to the Editor - September 25, 2013

    Thank you, Joel Ray, for the memories
    I had intentions of writing long before, things are rushing here. Anyhow, I want Joel Ray to know I appreciated the article he (interviewed for) in the paper (Buffalo was a little bit Mayberry by Ron Benningfield in the July 31 issue). It brought many memories and especially the one about Mrs. Ewing the telephone operator there, who so happened to be my mother.  

  • Just Ask - September 25, 2013

    When will the new basketball court at Creek Front Park open?
    It’s open now. The final touches will be placed in a week or so.
    Have Trick-or-Treat times been set?

    Mark your calendar for 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31. Trick-or-Treat on the Square also is being planned for that evening.

  • Expanding Medicaid: A foolish way to improve healthcare access

    United States Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently said “that if you want a healthier population, looking at the opportunity to expand Medicaid has got to be a piece of the puzzle.”

    Expansion of Medicaid – the jointly run federal-state health plan for low-income Americans – has long been an essential element of progressives’ vision for healthcare “reform.”

  • Letter to the Editor - September 18, 2013

    Racing to Disney
    The Business and Technology students at LaRue County High School who are traveling to Walt Disney World would like to say thank you to our sponsors and everyone who participated in the Taking Care of Business 5k on Sept. 14.

    Marshall Metcalf was the overall male winner; Misty Bivens was the overall female winner.

  • State’s rural population is shrinking

    In the broadest sense, the population changes Kentucky has seen over the last 50 years have largely fallen in line with the country as a whole.

    We have both become increasingly urban, for example, with Kentucky’s tipping point coming in 1970, when the U.S. Census found for the first time that more than half of our citizens lived in or near a city. Both of us are also witnessing the same graying trend, which is no surprise because of advances in medicine and the growing number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age.