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  • COLUMN: Five years later, my friends help me remember

     Anniversaries are thought of as joyful occasions. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, first dates – all bring smiles.

  • LETTER: Breast Cancer Truck and Tractor Pull

    If you donated or helped in some way to find a cure for breast cancer, we can honestly say we were blessed by your kindness.

    This year’s Burger King Breast Cancer Awareness Tractor pull was an overwhelming success with proceeds of $19,365.27 being donated to the Susan G. Komen Louisville breast cancer research program.

    So many people have said to me that it was a job well done. The job well done goes to Connie Heath. The Lord has used Connie so much during this event. She does so much and gets very little glory.

  • COLUMN: Honor the veteran

     He may have been referring to the members of the Royal Air Force, but when British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,” he could easily have been talking about our own country’s veterans.

    They make up less than 8 percent of the United States’ population, but it is no overstatement to say our lives would be very different without their countless contributions and sacrifices.

  • LETTER: Tuckers are known in Texas

    My distant cousin, Roland Bright, sent me a copy of your Oct. 2 article on the Tucker Cemetery. I found this very interesting. 

    I am the president of Silver Creek Heritage Society in Parker County, Texas. We just were granted a historical marker from the state for the story of Moses

    Tucker and his pioneering in Texas, along with a surviving house built by his son and my grandfather, Virgil Jasper Tucker.  My dad spoke fondly of a man he called “Uncle Rolley,” who I’m pretty sure was R.O. Tucker buried there at Hodgenville.

  • Bluegrass Pipeline: Step up, fiscal court

    I read with disappointment that the LaRue County Fiscal Court has no plans to take a position on the Bluegrass Pipeline. Some reports say most landowners are in favor of the pipeline, yet that appears to contradict the feeling within our community.

  • LETTER: Support the KDS fund, enjoy a show

    Tickets for the annual Kelly Dean Sanders Memorial luncheon are on sale now.

    A delicious luncheon and play by the LaRue County High School Speech Team will cost only $20. This worthy cause has helped hundreds of needy families purchase school clothes for their children for more than 30 years and will also help the speech team continue their winning tradition. 

    The play should be fun and features both students and community members in a hilarious comedy entitled “Love, Sex, and the IRS.” Tickets are on sale until Nov. 8. 

  • Mystery object identified
  • JUST ASK: Expiration date?

     What can you find out about this milk carton that was purchased locally? Has it expired?