Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Missing Homer Trumbo

     I can’t believe Homer Trumbo is gone.

    I remember Homer would always go to Illinois every year with the Kentucky Railsplitters.

    When he and Ruby lived on Lincoln Boulevard, he would always have the house and yard decorated for Christmas. He would always call me at the store to see how the sick in the Roanoke community were doing.

    He always had a story to tell each time he talked to you – whether it was true was a different thing. He will be missed by all.

  • LETTER: Children should have right to choose

    Children should have right to choose

    I have a child who is a student of LaRue County Middle School and they have raised a concern that I feel is a direct violation of their rights as United  States citizens.

    The first thing that was brought to my attention was how their choice of milk was taken away at the beginning of the year. Many kids liked to get 2 percent, which is no longer available, only skim milk is available in an “attempt to make students healthier.” This was apparently done due to changes in federal regulations.

  • LETTER: We're all born in the image of God

     Racism, the socialistic idea that one individual born of a different ethnicity is less equal than that of the “white man.” What is our version of racism?

    It varies from one individual perspective to the other.

    One man may see racism as an opportunity to point out differences of another individual who may not have the same color skin. Other men see it as ajust another word thrown out and used to crucify the common man.

    Personally, I think the word should not exist.

  • GUTHRIE: Doctors, not bureaucrats should decide appropriate medical care

     As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee, I have voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and participated in dozens of hearings that revealed astronomical costs, billion-dollar slush funds, and countless other negative consequences of the health care law.

  • LETTER: Sen. Gibson says 'goodbye' to LaRue

     Friends, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve the good people of LaRue County.

  • COLUMN: Gov. Steve Beshear comments on suit against Cabinet for Health and Family Services

     You teach in a small community and suspect a student is being abused.

    You want to report it, but you fear retaliation.

    Can you come forward without the newspaper naming you as the accuser?

    Or maybe you're a grandmother. You worry about the man your daughter is living with, in fact you're afraid of him. But you love your grandchildren, and you think they're being neglected.

    Will you be able to report your suspicion without alerting your daughter's volatile and unstable boyfriend and jeopardizing your own safety?

  • LETTER: Medicare cuts hurt private physician practices

     In coming weeks, Congress will consider Medicare physician payment in legislation that could determine whether many family physicians can remain in business.

  • COLUMN: The LaRue County Herald News continues to be the county's most read

     I’ve been asked several times during the last couple of years: “How is the Herald doing?”