Today's Opinions

  • 2016 Walking Challenge

    The first six week Walking Challenge was a great success, it was promoted by the Extension Office during the Extension Expo and ran from Easter to Mother’s Day this spring. 69 people participated on 13 walking teams. Each team could have up to six people and had fun names such as: Board Walkers, Book – It!, CHC Power Walkers, Holy Walkamolies, Lincoln’s Ladies, Much Ado About Books, Red Hot Chili Steppers, Roam’n Chicklets, Sassy Steppers, Steppin’ into Spring, The Fast & Furious Five, The Tootsie Rolls and Walk It Like It’s Hot.

  • Tourism on the rise

    Last week, state tourism leaders unveiled the latest annual study on the positive impact this industry has in Kentucky.  In a word, the news was good.

    Overall, tourism generated nearly $14 billion in direct and indirect sales in 2015, a five percent increase over 2014’s total.  It supported 186,000 jobs and provided nearly $1.5 billion in state and local tax revenue.

  • Peacocks in the Smokies and a bop-it high score I must keep

    Vacation has been a thing we do in small clusters of one long weekend here and one long weekend there and usually we’re camping. We haven’t really taken a vacation since our camper’s roof started leaking and floor practically rotted out from under our feet. In other words, it’s been a couple of years.

  • Accepting the challenge of education

    A quarter-century ago, Kentucky had nowhere to go but up when it came to the education levels of adults 25 and older.

    Only two-thirds had graduated from high school and less than a sixth had earned a bachelor’s degree.  No state had a lower combined percentage.

  • Testing your Internet speed

    Is your Internet connection fast enough? Probably not, but, how can you find out how fast it really is?

  • Personal Pay Solutions

    The idea of using your smart phone or smart watch to pay for purchases has been around for about a year. Last month I talked about electronic payment systems for small businesses, such as www.square.com and Intuit’s Go Payment. This month, we are going the other way with a couple of personal payment options for you.

  • Letter to the editor - Don Martin

    Dear Editor,

    Regarding the upcoming election for State Senator on May 17, LaRue County Democrats have the opportunity to vote for two candidates running for State Senator in District 5, that includes LaRue County.

    I strongly encourage all voters to check out the candidates on http://www.google.com and type in each candidate’s names.

    Type in Leslie J. Stith and in a separate search type in Richard L. Alvey.

    Voters now can make their own decision on who you want as a State Senator.


    Don Martin

  • Letter to the editor - Gill Myers

    Dear Editor

    Thanks to the hundreds of Republican voters of LaRue County who turned out to vote in the March 5 Presidential Caucus. The Republican Party of LaRue County received many favorable comments about the organization and conduct of the Caucus. The Caucus was a good example of representative democracy in action. Based on caucus results, delegates have been selected to represent Kentucky at the National Convention in July.