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  • Whole wheat flour info and storage tips

    Worldwide, wheat is the third most-produced grain, trailing only corn (maize) and rice. In the United States, wheat accounts for about two-thirds of all grains consumed. However, much of the wheat we eat is refined (missing its nutritious bran and germ) or enriched (refined grain with just five of the dozens of missing or reduced nutrients added back in).

  • Time to stop being so offended
  • Pallets, pallets everywhere!!

    I have been amazed by a new phase that is taking over the standard yard sales and those are pallet sales.

    I discovered this new phenomenon when visiting family back in my hometown of Brodhead and Rockcastle County. My mom and several people in my family hit them up often and have bought a lot of different stuff from them.

    It’s really sparked my interest and being naturally curious, I have been doing some research on how these pallet sales work.

  • I almost didn't cry

    Eli is our second child; to say he’s energetic would be an understatement. He is lightning in a bottle, wrapped in a warm hug and decorated with Optimis Prime and Angry Birds.

    He loves to draw, loves school and he knows no strangers. He friends with everyone. He recently ‘graduated’ from kindergarten. His school had a Kindergarten promotion ceremony where the students got up on stage, received an award for what they do best, then came back up later for their little diplomas. Each child got to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up.

  • Pressure canner dial gauge testing

    Canning season is here. If you are planning to pressure can this summer, be sure to get the dial gauge on your canner tested for accuracy before you use it. Every pound of pressure on the gauge is important to ensure that the temperature inside the canner is high enough (240 degrees F) to kill the spores that can cause botulism.

  • LETTER: Thank you to our local law enforcement partners

    Thank you to our local law

    enforcement partners

    Dear Editor,

    The Hodgenville Police Department would like to thank both the LaRue County Sheriff’s Office and the Kentucky State Police for their continued support of our efforts.

    HPD received a grant from the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety in order to conduct enforcement operations. In addition to our regular 40 hour week schedule, officers worked an additional 60.5 hours of overtime. The overtime included 34.5 patrol hours as well as 26 hours devoted to safety operations.

  • LETTER: Successful Senior Day, Thank you


    Senior Day Thank you

    Letter to Editor,

  • LETTER: Thanks for support from LaRue County

    Dear Editor,

    I am the Executive Director of SpringHaven Domestic Violence Program, which serves all eight counties of the Lincoln Trail Area Development District. Our state-certified Victim Advocates provide services and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and their dependent children. We are funded primarily through grants and donations from the community. Without the support we receive from the community, our services would not be possible.