• LETTER: Appreciation for Veterans Day program organizers

    I would like to express my appreciation to all who organized, sponsored and participated in the Veterans Day parade and ceremony.

    Those who were not in attendance missed a very meaningful and touching ceremony held at City Hall immediately following the parade.

    Again, thank you to all involved honoring "Our American Heroes - All Our Veterans" past and current.

    Diane Skaggs Osborne, proud daughter of Sgt. John D. "JD" Skaggs, World War II veteran


  • LETTER: Assistance with Veterans Day program appreciated

    We would like to thank everyone who helped with the Veterans Day Parade including Save-A-Lot, Lincoln National Bank, Bennett-Bertram Funeral Home, Hometown IGA, Ward Electric and Lee's Garden Center. To all the participants we appreciate you helping us salute our military and to all who watched the parade. All the speakers did a tremendous job this year and we thank you for your heartfelt words.

  • Trick or Treat thank you

    The LaRue County Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who made Trick or Treat on Lincoln Square possible. We had a great turnout and I believe everyone had a lot of fun.

  • LETTER: Medicare enrollment ends Dec. 7

    This year’s open enrollment period for Medicare ends Dec. 7.

    On my website, at www.guthrie.house.gov/medicareopenenrollment, I have information about the open enrollment period as well as other resources that may be helpful if you have questions about Medicare.

  • LETTER: Woman's Club appreciates community support

    The Hodgenville Woman’s Club thanks the community for their ongoing support with our fundraising activities such as Lincoln Days breakfast events. We appreciate all in the community who helped provide food or labor and all who came and enjoyed the breakfasts.

  • LETTER: Thank you to blood drive donors

    Thank you to the 39 individuals who volunteered to donate blood Tuesday at the Hodgenville Woman’s Club.

    This was an unusually large number and there were some delays. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

    Thanks to Rob Brown and Rita Smith for assisting at the drive and The Sweet Shop for a tray of candy. Many thanks for your support of the community blood drive. The next blood drive is Dec. 31.

    Faye Puyear

    Volunteer coordinator

  • LETTER: Band Boosters appreciate support

  • LETTER: Worldwide Hour of Prayer

    The Worldwide Hour of Prayer will be 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22.

    Won’t you join us in this time to pray for those around the world, for our country/government, family and friends and others? Just one hour to dedicate our hearts and prayers in unison.

    Elizabeth Scott-Whipkey


  • LETTER: Childhood obesity wasn't a problem 30 years ago

    I believe that children are overweight not because of what they eat but because of inactivity. If people will get out their old annuals from the 40s, 50s,60s and 70s, you will not see very many overweight children.

    I attended Magnolia Elementary and High School. Mrs. Jessie Miller ran the lunchroom and boy did we have some good food. Here is what I can remember of the menu: pinto beans, cornbread, fruit cobblers, pimento cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, turnip greens, vegetable soup, homemade cake, fish.

  • LETTER: Many volunteers make the Lincoln Days parade great

    Large parades have a tendency to require considerable planning, coordination, and numerous volunteer contributions. This year's Lincoln Days parade was no different. I wanted to take a moment to thank those who were instrumental in producing it.