• LETTER: Looking for extraordinary people

    Looking for extraordinary people

    I’m currently taking nominees for the next installment of the Kentucky’s Everyday Heroes book series, third volume. Criteria is: A living Kentuckian who has overcome extreme personal challenges and/or has given of themselves in a noble and sacrificial way. Their lives serve as examples to inspire others to greater acts of character. The nominee would be considered “ordinary,” commonly known only to people in their communities, but will have an “extraordinary” lasting impact.

  • LETTER: Watch your children as temperatures rise

    Watch your children
    Summer is here and we’re already seeing the dreaded headlines about children who are left inside hot cars, leading to heat stroke and even death.
    Since 1998, at least 13 children in Kentucky have died as a result of being left inside sweltering vehicles while their parents or caregivers shop, go to work or run errands. It’s just another example of the abuse and neglect that plagues Kentucky’s children.

  • LETTER: Administration is a judgment on America

  • LETTER: Enjoyed concert at park

    What a delightful hour we spent July 4 at Lincoln National Park listening to Saxton’s Cornett Band from Lexington. Dressed in period costumes and using authentic brass and percussion instruments, the band played beautiful arrangements of patriotic and popular songs from the Revolutionary and Civil War era.
    How pleasant and comfortable it was to sit under the trees at our lovely park for this special treat. I kept wishing that every LaRue Countian had been there.

  • LETTER: Don't text and drive

    Recently I was traveling through the red light at the end of Lincoln Parkway by McDonalds. I was going north and my light was green. I looked over to my right and there was a young girl coming straight through the red light. She was holding her phone up and texting.

    I had to hurry and get out of her way and I blew my horn. She realized what she did and thank goodness, the other driver who was going south had stopped and the young girl had slammed on her brakes and swerved.

  • LETTER: Beware of puppy mills

    Beware of puppy mills
    I’m trying to get the word out about “puppy mills” in the community. Puppy mills house dogs in overcrowded and often unsanitary conditions without adequate health care, food, water, or human company.

  • LETTERS: Military gives boost to pride

    Every morning, weather permitting, I raise my flag “Old Glory” and in the evening take it down (no light on flag).
    With the announcement of death of Osama bin Laden by our blessed military, I ran the flag up real fast, so proud of our nation.
    Way to go Navy, good job. I’m a Army retiree and Army brat. Bless you Navy Seals, go U.S.A. I am so proud to be an American veteran.
    Lee Ratliff
    U.S. Army veteran


  • LETTER: Obey the limit on boulevard

    To all reading, please obey the speed limit on Lincoln Boulevard, especially by the stretch by Rock n Rogers to the square. My daughter was rear-ended as she entered into our driveway, a few weeks ago. The impact was so great; it pushed the van into the front porch of our neighbor.
    Speed limits are posted for a reason and each of us need to be attentive for the safety of us all. Too often, I cringe as I turn into our driveway as those behind me follow too closely and too fast that many times, I continue to go around the block to avoid an accident.

  • LETTER: Thanks to the community

    Thanks so much for your help and support of the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church cookout and auction on April 9. Several area businesses made donations and through their generosity and those who attended the cookout and auction, we were able to raise over $7,500 toward the retirement of the debt on our Christian Life Center.

  • Lincoln swapped ideas with radicals