• LETTER: Child abuse rages through Kentucky

     Kentucky has already seen the destructive power of nature as storms and tornadoes have hit several communities across the Commonwealth this spring. There have been lives lost, whole communities devastated and families uprooted from their homes.

  • LETTER: Pelicans were not a surprise

     At this time of year, American white pelicans can be found in many parts of North America so I'm not surprised that you've seen them in Kentucky.

    What would be most helpful is if you would record the sighting at eBird, a centralized database of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society that allows birders to report their sightings and enables scientists to use them for analysis.  

  • LETTER: Are we interesting enough for Reader's Digest?

     Reader’s Digest wants to know what makes your community the most interesting town in America.

    From now until May 31, locals are invited to log on to www.readersdigest.com/america to share personal stories and photos that illustrate what makes their town special. The author of the winning story will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and their town will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Reader’s Digest magazine. This is an opportunity for individuals to shine and possibly bring national attention to their hometowns.

  • LETTER: Attacks on church are disheartening

     Attacks on the church

    It is disheartening to read and listen to all the hateful and disparaging things being said about the church these past few weeks. It’s expected from the secular world but perhaps the more heartbreaking comments are those of my own brothers and sisters in the faith who have long ago excommunicated themselves from her teachings.

    I have never understood how anyone who considers themselves a Christian could rationalize abortion or abortifacient drugs.

  • LETTER: Children should be our priority

  • LETTER: Blood drive was a success

     I want to say thank you to the 35 individuals who volunteered to donate blood on Tuesday at the Hodgenville Woman’s Club. Four individuals gave using the “double red” procedure. We received 34 good units of blood. Thanks to Rob Brown and Carol Haynes and student volunteer Chase Puyear for assisting at the drive and The Sweet Shop for a tray of candy. Many thanks for your support of the community blood drive. The next blood drive will be April 10. 

    Faye Puyear

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • LETTER: Defeat restaurant tax

     Talk to legislators, defeat restaurant tax

  • LETTER: Misses the old Sunrise

     Misses the old Sunrise

  • LETTER: Missing Homer Trumbo

     I can’t believe Homer Trumbo is gone.

    I remember Homer would always go to Illinois every year with the Kentucky Railsplitters.

    When he and Ruby lived on Lincoln Boulevard, he would always have the house and yard decorated for Christmas. He would always call me at the store to see how the sick in the Roanoke community were doing.

    He always had a story to tell each time he talked to you – whether it was true was a different thing. He will be missed by all.

  • LETTER: Children should have right to choose

    Children should have right to choose

    I have a child who is a student of LaRue County Middle School and they have raised a concern that I feel is a direct violation of their rights as United  States citizens.

    The first thing that was brought to my attention was how their choice of milk was taken away at the beginning of the year. Many kids liked to get 2 percent, which is no longer available, only skim milk is available in an “attempt to make students healthier.” This was apparently done due to changes in federal regulations.