• LETTER: Worldwide Hour of Prayer

    The Worldwide Hour of Prayer will be 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22.

    Won’t you join us in this time to pray for those around the world, for our country/government, family and friends and others? Just one hour to dedicate our hearts and prayers in unison.

    Elizabeth Scott-Whipkey


  • LETTER: Childhood obesity wasn't a problem 30 years ago

    I believe that children are overweight not because of what they eat but because of inactivity. If people will get out their old annuals from the 40s, 50s,60s and 70s, you will not see very many overweight children.

    I attended Magnolia Elementary and High School. Mrs. Jessie Miller ran the lunchroom and boy did we have some good food. Here is what I can remember of the menu: pinto beans, cornbread, fruit cobblers, pimento cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, turnip greens, vegetable soup, homemade cake, fish.

  • LETTER: Many volunteers make the Lincoln Days parade great

    Large parades have a tendency to require considerable planning, coordination, and numerous volunteer contributions. This year's Lincoln Days parade was no different. I wanted to take a moment to thank those who were instrumental in producing it.

  • LETTER: Basket raffle a success

    Hodgenville Woman's Club wants to thank everyone who contributed to our basket raffle.

    We especially want to thank B. J. Clark, The LaRue County Herald News, Sweet Shop, James Ard, HMH Gift Shop, LaHa’s and Lee’s Garden Center.

    The winner of the basket was Ronald D. Nunn.

    Opal Dail


  • COLUMN: Child abuse exisits in LaRue County

    Chances are there’s a child being abused or neglected within a few miles of you today. Child abuse knows no economic, geographic or social barriers. It can happen in virtually any neighborhood, in any community and in any county in the state.

    Abuse and neglect results in shattered lives, ruined childhoods, broken families and sometimes even death. In fact, a recent study revealed that the state of Kentucky led the nation in the number of deaths stemming from child abuse and neglect.

  • LETTER: Another Lincoln Days success story

    Another Lincoln Days Festival has come to a close. It is our desire that each of you had a good experience. It certainly was our pleasure to try and put together programs that provide your families with good memories of LaRue County and its residences. 

  • LETTER: Telecommuncation options available to low-income families

    The continual innovation in the telecommunications industry creates numerous new telecommunications options from which Kentucky consumers can choose to best stay connected. Despite the myriad of telecommunication options available to Kentuckians, economic challenges may make it difficult for some to remain connected to family, employers and healthcare providers. To help low-income Kentuckians stay connected, the Link-up and Lifeline (not to be confused with a medical alert program with a similar name) programs may help.

  • LETTER: Sunrise Volunteers recruiting for activities in new nursing home

    Did you ever see a turtle on a fence post? Well, you know he didn’t get there by himself. He had help.

    Now Sunrise Manor Volunteers are on that fence post and we need help getting down. We will be moving into the new building soon and we need you to help us.

    Come join the volunteers. The residents are fun to be with and they need us to bring the outside world to them. The next time you step out into that world, remember, they can’t.

  • LETTER: Farmers market was a success

    Friday, Sept. 16 will be the last farmers market day for the season.

    Thank you to everyone who has come out to the market this year. You all have made it a huge success and we will see you spring 2012.

    Abby Tate

    Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Assistant

    University of Kentucky

    LaRue County Extension Office

  • LETTER: Consider Gatewood in upcoming election

    Gatewood Galbraith.

    Regardless of the fact that he keeps placing a strong second in numerous polls and even first in a few of them, he seems limited to one sentence just mentioning his name at the end of campaign articles.

    They fear anyone that really does want to change things or wants to give the power back to the people such as Gatewood does.

    Any chance of breaking away from the nation splitting two-party system immediately gets swept aside for fear of shaking up the status quo.