• LETTER: Sen. Gibson says 'goodbye' to LaRue

     Friends, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve the good people of LaRue County.

  • LETTER: Medicare cuts hurt private physician practices

     In coming weeks, Congress will consider Medicare physician payment in legislation that could determine whether many family physicians can remain in business.

  • ALES staff appreciates support from schools, community

     We would like to say thank you to the wonderful people of LaRue County for the love and support shown to us during the loss of our beloved principal, Amber Thurman.

  • LETTER: Taxation with misrepresentation

     One thing I have learned after 20 years in government service is that real change happens only if citizens get involved.  People can become involved by contacting their elected officials and letting them know of their concerns. If enough people voice their opinion elected officials will listen. If you take the time to vote someone into public office, you should take the time to let them know they are public servants. They are working for you.

  • LETTER: Community's support was amazing

     I just wanted to make sure I took the time to say that our community is amazing. Wednesday, in the midst of the final farewells to what I would classify as one of the greatest community members –  Amber “Nikki” Thurman – I saw the greatest amount of love and support pour from one mourning soul to another. 

  • LETTER: Store manager went the extra mile

     Store manager went the extra mile

    There are always people saying how big cities are unfriendly and how small towns are just nice and have friendly people. I was reminded of that right before Christmas.

    I had gone to IGA to pick up some sausage alls that were on sale for my husband’s Christmas party at work. They were sold out. I asked the assistant manager Chris if they had any in the back. He checked and they were all out.

  • LETTER: Appreciates Guthrie's support

     Congress is debating several key policy issues, including legislation to prevent a nearly 30 percent reimbursement cut to physicians and other healthcare providers under Medicare (the so-called “doc fix”). Part of the debate involves how to offset the costs associated with these policies so that the national budget deficit is not increased. Keeping the deficit in check is necessary, though cost offsets within the Medicare program should not disproportionately impact particular healthcare providers. 

  • LETTER: Help Me Help Others says thank you

     We would like to thank everyone who came out in some way and supported the Help Me Help Others Ministries.

    We along with you and so many others in this wonderful community help us help so many in their time of need. You know all need a lift and a helping hand sometime in our lives.

  • Thank you, National Guard

     We would like to thank the National Guard for sponsoring our Holiday Classic basketball tournament over winter break.

    Coach Paul Childress and the LaRue County High School Hawks

  • LETTER: Red Hill Cemetery Commission meets Jan. 9

     Monday, Jan. 9 marks one of only two times a year the Red Hill Cemetery Commission meets to discuss issues concerning the cemetery.

    My concerns are:

    1. Resurfacing or repairing the current driveway due to the general condition of the pavement.

    2. Widening and or providing pull-off areas where possible. This would allow people to move over to the side of the road while paying respect, allowing others to pass by easily. This would prevent driving over the graves.