• LETTER: What's up with the buyer's premium?

     This past weekend I picked up a LaRue County Herald News as well as a Park City Daily News. My interest was to see what auctions were coming up.

    I found it interesting that the buyers in the LaRue County area were all being charged a straight 10 percent buyer’s premium on both real estate and personal property purchases at auction.

  • LETTER: Lifeline available to low-income

     The continual innovation in the telecommunications industry creates numerous new options from which Kentucky consumers can choose to best stay connected.  Despite the myriad of telecommunication options available to Kentuckians, economic challenges may make it difficult for some to remain connected to family, emergency services, employers and healthcare providers. To help low-income Kentuckians stay connected, the Lifeline (not to be confused with a medical alert program with a similar name) program may help.

  • LETTER: Bicycle racks are helpful

     My thanks to the mayor for installing bicycle racks on Lincoln Square.

    This will allow bicyclists to secure their bikes while visiting or patronizing Hodgenville.

    Curtis O’Dell


  • LETTER: Golf scramble a success

     Golf scramble thanks

  • LETTER: Band trip was planned; old uniforms to be used in fundraiser

    I would like to address the letter to the editor regarding the LaRue County Band of Hawks’ purchase of new uniforms. I was mistaken, when I said they were 16 years old and purchased when 2-years-old from another school. I apologize for giving to the paper and public my misinformation. They are in fact, 14 years old (12 years for us, and two years for a prior school).

    Let me continue now to address the issues that were brought up in last week’s letter to the editor.

  • LETTER: Band uniforms have plenty of life left in them

     Band uniforms have plenty of life left

  • LETTER: 'Old school' sports teams to be published in booklets

    How many readers have ever seen these rare species? Hazel Green Bullfrogs, Fredonia Yellowjackets, Greenville Black Hawks. You had better look fast because they are disappearing because of one of the worst decisions ever made about education in this country: school consolidation.

    These were the names of the teams of the small independent schools that were absorbed into huge centralized schools. Two generations later, people have realized that was a mistake with frightening unintended consequences.

  • LETTER: Community assisted with improvements at Wesley Meadows

    Community assisted with improvements at Wesley Meadows

    The people of Wesley Meadows are committed to the needs of the community.

    We have been under construction for the past year to improve our facility. Three very important ramps and a half-moon circle drive were added to the facility to allow easy access into the building. Wesley Meadows is now 100 percent handicap accessible.

  • LETTER: Seven teams kicked against cancer

    LaRue County Park and Recreation hosted the Second Annual Kicking Cancer Kickball Tournament Saturday.

    Seven teams participated – on an extremely hot day.

    We would like to say thank you to the sponsors and volunteers who supported our event and made it possible this year.

    LaRue County Park and recreation raised more than $1,000 for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. The runner-up team was One Kick Wonders from Nationwide Uniform Corporation and the champions were the Pink Panthers.

    Bill Hawkins

  • Red Hill Cemetery is lovely

     I would like to take the time to say how proud I am for the lovely way Tim Robertson and his crew keep Red Hill Cemetery.

    Linda Roark