• LETTER: Retirees monitor bill

    Kentucky Public Retirees monitor legislative session

    State and county government retirees will be closely watching the events of the Kentucky General Assembly 2014 legislative session. At stake are the pensions and benefits of retirees, current and future. 

    Like many across the nation, our members, as well as those who will soon retire, continue to be very concerned about the future of their promised retirement pensions. The current legislative session will have a significant impact.

  • Just Ask

    Tax a tax?
    I do not feel you answered my question in an earlier Just Ask. While dining in E’town recently, I noticed on my bill that Kentucky state taxes were assessed on top of the local restaurant tax. Is it legal to tax a tax?
    The Kentucky Department of Revenue in their Kentucky Sales Tax Facts newsletter of June 2004, says food sold by businesses that sell meals is taxable.

  • Letter to the Editor

    Kentucky soldiers buried overseas
    I am searching for as many of the stories of the 218,000 soldiers who are buried overseas as I can find. I started working on Oklahoma, my home state, but have decided to try and help find as many as I can due to the lack of time available.
    I am searching for information, pictures, letters and family stories about each soldier to be shared with the cemeteries.

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    Mangy coyote spotted

  • Just Ask

    Those are big vans

  • So ... when’s the last time you saw a red ant?

    Joe Greenwell of Hodgenville submitted this question for the online poll.

    “How long has it been since you have seen a red ant?”

    The poll has a spot for comments, but most people do not utilize it.

    So, if you would like to respond, please email editor@laruecountyherald.com.

    Joe said it has been about two years since he saw a nest of red ants under a log at Bernheim Forest.

    So, how long has it been since you have seen a red ant? 

    Velvet ants don’t count. (They are wasps.)

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     TLC appreciates help

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    Deputy praised for dedication

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    Chili supper and silent auction

  • Just Ask

    With a $5 billion loss in the past year by the U.S. Postal Service, why are there two post offices in a place the size of Buffalo?