• Letter: We ask your forgiveness


    We ask your forgiveness

  • Letter: Accusations against mayor, city-clerk, are cruel


    As a mother-in-law and friend I have sat back and listened to the accusations and rumors that have been said against my son-in-law Terry Cruse and my friend MaDonna Hornback and quite honestly it hurts me deeply at how cruel some people can be.

  • LETTER: Remove those signs

     I challenge candidates to remove political signs within five days of the May 20 primary election. Only a few campaigns will have November general election opposition. Let’s give those signs a rest as well.

    I suggest a summer of clean highway right-of ways and yards with general election signs returning no sooner than after Labor Day weekend. We all are looking forward to seeing our beautiful scenic byways again.

    Bob Sims


  • Endorses McCoy

     Endorses McCoy for sheriff

    This letter is my personal endorsement for Russell McCoy for the position of Sheriff in LaRue County.

    In the last 20 years, I have witnessed Russell in many roles, a deputy sheriff, an employee of Phelps Heating and Cooling, an employee of Sunrise Manor Nursing Home, a volunteer fire fighter, a husband and a father. I can assure you he has served each position well.

  • LETTER: Supports Turner

    While I am not a resident of LaRue County, my mother and father, the late Lynn Connie Chelf and Mary Chelf, both resided in LaRue County the majority of their lives. They were very fortunate to have a neighbor who provided as much love and compassion for them as any family member could have. His name is Tommy Turner.

  • LETTER: Not a dear

     Not a dear

    I attended the City Council hearing for Mayor Terry Cruse on May 1. When the meeting was adjourned, I approached the mayor. He addressed me as “Dear.” I am not – nor have I ever been nor would I ever be – one of his “Dears.”

    I asked him not to address me in that manner. I continued by asking him to “Man up and stop embarrassing himself and the city, admit to what he had done and accept his punishment.” He informed me that he had done nothing wrong.

  • LETTER: Debt-free, believe it

     Debt-free, believe it

    A recent political ad made reference to LaRue County’s finances. The ad tried to give the appearance of there being significant debt for LaRue County.

    Just the opposite is true.

    LaRue County has zero debt in its general fund, road fund and EMS accounts. The only debt service payment made by LaRue Fiscal Court for any purpose is the LaRue County Jail.

  • LETTER: Dad is dedicated

      Dad is dedicated

    We would like to talk about our Dad, Russell McCoy. He is currently running for LaRue County sheriff. He has always been dedicated to the community of LaRue County even before he became a deputy sheriff. 

  • LETTER: Chooses Turner

     Chooses Turner

    I am one of a few people who offer a unique perspective on the race for county judge/executive. I have worked as an employee for both Tommy Turner and Joe Pearman. For me, the choice is clear: Re-elect Tommy Turner.

    When Tommy Turner first came into office after defeating Joe Pearman, I was apprehensive. My fears quickly eased when I saw how hard Tommy worked, how knowledgeable he was and how he always had the betterment of LaRue County as his top goal.

  • LETTER: A great egg hunt

     Awesome Events would like to thank all our volunteers from Freedoms Way Assembly of God, the special appearance of the Easter Bunny and all the business sponsors who helped with the Easter Egg Hunt this year. We had a great turn out.

    We want to thank Pizza Zone in Buffalo for all their help. We also want to thank Save-A-Lot, Our Hometown IGA, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, Lees Chicken and Papa John’s Pizza for all their support. A special shout out to Ann Morrison and Dixie Dunn for the yummy cookies. We hope to see everyone next Easter.