• What's hot in tech - a quick recap of CES
  • Benningfield recovering at home

    Whenever I think back to my March 4 five-bypass open heart surgery, the common opening lines of many Vaudeville shows comes to mind, “A funny thing happened on my way to the theater.”

    In my case, however, a not-so-funny thing happened on my way to a stress test at the Veterans’ Hospital on Zorn Avenue in Louisville March 2.

  • One of the more acceptable sins

    If eyes are windows to the soul, the tongue is certainly the thermostat of the heart. What is the temperature of your heart? Is your heart warm: Filled with good and encouraging words for people around you? Or is it cold: talking down about someone, tearing away at their character, looks or circumstances? Maybe your heart is somewhere in the middle; a tepid battle ground that changes with it’s surroundings? Sometimes you encourage and uplift with your words, other times, if it suits you and you feel the need, you tear down and destroy with your words.

  • Medical debt on credit reports

    According to a recent Consumer Finance Protection Bureau study, “52 percent of debt appearing on credit reports is due to medical expenses.” Also, “7 percent of consumers have medical debt in collections, but no other debt on their credit reports. These consumers are likely to be more reliable bill payers than those with other types of collections on their credit reports.”

  • Tips for making freezer meals

    You can free up time on future meal preparations when you make extra food at one meal for upcoming meals. This way you prepare food ahead and freeze for a later time. The following are some general tips for making freezer meals, which are shared through Nebraska Extension.

  • The dark side of IoT

    Last week, we introduced you to the Internet of Things (IoT) and discussed a few of the cool devices to enhance your life. However, like most technology, there is a dark side you should be aware of as well.

  • Get your resume ready for 2016

    Any time is a good time to set new career goals. However, with renewed motivation in January and all the potential of a new year ahead of us, it’s often a time when we find ourselves reflecting on a career move.

    If you’re one of the countless professionals who make a New Year’s resolution to land a new job, enter a new field or earn a promotion, now is the time for a resume refresh.

  • A look at ACT the test

    By Steven Curtsinger

    Student Columnist

    I recently took a practice ACT Test at school. I was curious to find out more about the test and why it is important for high school students to take it. This lengthy exam has been something our teachers have been preparing us for since the beginning of my high school career. Here are some facts about the ACT test and why we take it.

  • Criminal expungement discussed in Kentucky General Assembly

    By Terry Mills

    An effort to help potentially tens of thousands of Kentuckians truly put their past behind them cleared a key legislative milestone on Friday when the Kentucky House voted to broaden eligibility for criminal expungement.

    Similar measures have passed the chamber numerous times, but there is hope that this year’s legislation will be successful, given the increased bipartisan support it has received.

  • The Internet of things

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, is hot new technology. IoT is about connectivity between smart-devices via the Internet.

    One of the first and most popular such devices is the Nest thermostat. I can control my Nest from my Smartphone, Tablet, or browser. I can set it to “away mode” while away from home or office. and save fuel costs, then turn it on to warm, or cool, my home or office well before I arrive.